A book review by Ingo Heinemann, AGPF


A Comment on this Book


Parties, clubs , associations, committees and electioneering machinery, companies,  publishers and magazines - organised on a multi-national level with offices and headquarters in the USA, Mexico, India, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France and the Federal Republic (Germany), with being represented in yet more countries - that is the LaRouche empire.                    


The head of this 'Polit-Multi’ is Lyndon H.LaRouche, American, 'enterprise adviser', 'philosopher’ and 'great economist’.


In the Federal Republic we are familiar with three offshoots:   ‘Europfaeische Arbeiterpartei' (European Workers' Party) EAP, the 'Schiller Institute’ and as latest addition 'Buergergruppe Patrioten fuer Deutschland’ (Citizens' Group of Patriots for Germany) which first started electioneering in Niedersachsen In 1986.


Helga Zepp-LaRouche , wife of the American leader, is known to many TV viewers because of her irritating election campaign spots (Party political broadcasts).


The unsolved murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme got the LaRouches into headlines worldwide.   The strange group received international media attention again because of their surprise election success in the State of Illinois.


Anti-drug and Aids campaigns, the demonising of the ecology movement (green = Nazi) and the crusade for Nuclear fusion led to successful publicity and rising influence in politics.


Yet, who is behind all this? The LaRouche employees work in clandestine fashion like Underground Resistance fighters, campaigning against a terror regime. Heavily guarded buildings, worldwide secret communication links, conspiratorial pro­ceedings - the authors Helmut Lorscheid and Leo A. Mueller did not have an easy run with their research!


Anybody considered an opponent of the organisation has to face the risk of being continuously attacked, libeled, investigated and persecuted with nasty-propaganda and mud slinging.


Yet, for years politicians of the Interior Ministry and those guarding the constitution have rattled off certifications of harmelessness, “no knowledge of security-related problems" is the official line.


This book offers many new revelations of knowledge which demand a completely different way of questioning.