Police to open Duggan inquiry
By James Martin - Thursday 24th June 2010
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A coroner this week asked the British police to open an investigation into the death of student Jeremiah Duggan, whose body was found on a German motorway seven years ago.

In 2003 German police ruled his death as suicide but a British coroner
rejected the verdict later that year


Jeremiah's mother, Erica, who received a chilling phonecall from her son the night he died during which he said he was "frightened" and in "big trouble", has spent the past seven years battling for a fresh investigation. Last month, the High Court granted a new inquest.

That inquest opened on Tuesday at North London Coroners' Court. It was adjourned for 28 days to give detectives from Scotland Yard time to investigate and asked for evidence gathered by Mrs Duggan to be handed to police.

Coroner Andrew Walker said: "I don't see how any other approach could be taken.

"There needs to be a proper investigation by the police and then any necessary steps taken after."

He added: "It would of course be helpful if the material held on behalf of the family is delivered to the police."

Erica said: "I'm overjoyed and really happy that justice has finally been done. My belief in the criminal justice system has been restored. I hope that French and German authorities cooperate fully with British police."

Jeremiah's body was found on a motorway near the city of Wiesbaden while he was attending a conference organised by the far right LaRouche movement.