Title: Astray: My life in a radical political organisation.

By Aglaja Beyes-Corleis.


 "Verirrt" Mein Leben in einer radikalen Politorganisation. by Aglaja Beyes -Corleis:
Published Herder/Spektrum1994. ISBN 3-451 -04278-9


The author was a member of the LaRouche network for 16 years. She left at the end of 1990. When a person sets out to do something valuable to help the world this positive desire could be manipulated in such a way as to recruit them to the LaRouche organization. All prevailing crisis in world affairs are used to make an individual feel that unless they join up the world will end in destruction. It is at these times of crisis that fundamental changes can be made to a person’s persona and life goals.


The author describes a method of “self-induced brainwashing.” She tells how the individual is brought to the point where they can no longer bear the stress, shame and guilt anymore. It is taken as a positive sign when this point of breaking down is reached. It is at “break- down” point when the ideas of the LaRouche movement can be transplanted in the place of previous beliefs.


How are people changed? It was through the propaganda in this sea of emotion that the individual is successfully manipulated into first tolerating such propaganda and then spreading it.

Specific means are used to exert the maximum pressure. The new recruit is told he cannot trust his own independent thought because he is not capable of independent thought because he has been subjected to years of “false information” from family, friends, the media and his schooling.

It is useful to remove the new recruit from his familiar milieu in order to carry out these pressures to maximum affect. Long hours of lectures and activities so as to cause physical fatigue and increase suggestibility. Little time to think, little time to read, little time to eat, little time to relax all intensify the process of inducing a personality change.


The notion that what you thought was truth is really lies, turns everything you knew on its head. Everything is aimed at the emotions. Everything is aimed to heighten suggestibility and prey on the idealism and vulnerability of the young mind searching for world solutions.

For example Lyndon LaRouche gave lectures in which he stated; Stop believing, that “the Germans” brought Hitler to power. It has been Anglo-American financial interest fuelled by the Jewish forces. Look at all these persons who have Jewish names. The idea about the Jewish cartel being in the background is dealt with in the following way. It is said that if you find anything strange about mentioning the Jews in connection with the forces behind the plan for a take- over of world wide fascism, then this is because you deny that there can be Jewish criminals.

LaRouche is a master of manipulation and conspiracy theory turning even the unsuspecting,Jews into self hating Jews.


In an internal conference in 1976 the author heard LaRouche make the following statements:

“There are people involved in this thing on the Temple Mount who want to start a nuclear Armaggedon! And they are supported by the majority of the fundamentalists in the US. They are supported by Ariel Sharon and the Kahane movement. These integrist movements must be destroyed and put in concentration camps, not killed, but put out of circulation.”

“Put in concentration camps” that phrase found its way into the Briefings the next day. No one dared to speak against it.


This book (written by Aglaja Beyes-Corleis, an ex member of the LaRouche network ) was published for a few years and now is out of print. Why? Many people have asked to read it – in many different languages.  Learn more in a fuller summary:  Press here