Submitted to The Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the 3rd April 2008

It is the intention of the Justice for Jeremiah Campaign to submit these documents
to the German authorities. Jeremiah Memorial Fund BM JERRY London WC1N3XX


1.      Summary: The death of Jeremiah Duggan and the LaRouche Network. Erica Duggan 27th March 2007 by Dr Matthew Feldman

2.      The LaRouche Organization: Threat to Democracy. Threat to the Individual.

completed 27th March 2007 based on research by Erica Duggan.

3.      The Anti-Semitism of the LaRouche Movement: A Summary by Dennis King. Author of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. 2007

4.      LaRouche, Anti Semitism, and German Memory written by Chip Berlet. 3/31/2008

5.      The LaRouche Network: A History of Intimidation by Chip Berlet written 2 November 2003 Co- author of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too close for Comfort and also contributing editor for the Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements.

6.      Compilation by Former members of the LaRouche Group Additions to Research Document

7.      The Pernicious Growth of a Hitler- like Youth Cadre in Europe today. Erica Duggan.

8.      Extracts from LaRouche; Name-calling as Dehumanizing the Other. Media Locusts Do the Dirty Work of Cheney, Gore and Blair.


Summary: The death of Jeremiah Duggan and the LaRouche Network


This summary of evidence pertaining to the wrongful death of Jeremiah Duggan alleges that Lyndon LaRouche and his international network (hereinafter referred to as the 'LaRouche Organization') have repeatedly violated German and European Law regarding incitement to racism and extreme right politics. Evidence implicates Mr LaRouche, a United States citizen, in the spreading of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and directly implicates the principal arm of the LaRouche Organization the Schiller Institute, located in Wiesbaden, Hesse in the dissemination of fascist discourse and Holocaust denial in Europe. To what extent these activities may have led to the death of 22-year old Jeremiah Duggan, a British Jew visiting Wiesbaden, Germany, in the early hours of 27 March 2003 has never been properly investigated. Sadly, the investigation and handling of Mr Duggan's wrongful death have been truncated, insufficient and riddled with mistakes. Five years after his death, fundamental questions remain unanswered, despite worldwide media coverage and international calls for an inquiry into his death: his family continues to be denied justice while the LaRouche Organization continues to operate with impunity.

In demanding a full and fearless investigation into the wide-ranging circumstances surrounding Mr Duggan's death, these documents cover the following points:

a)      characterisation of the LaRouche and LaRouche Organization as a neo-fascist political movement;

b)      the role of the Schiller Institute in disseminating Holocaust 'revisionism', incitement to racial hatred, and extreme right propaganda more generally;

c)      extended dossier of suspicious circumstances relating to the wrongful death of Jeremiah Duggan in Weisbaden, Germany;

The underlying charge of these three points is directed at the LaRouche Organization for consistent breaches of the law and advocacy of anti-Semitism that is, unconscionably, emanating from a fascist movement in contemporary Germany. In 2003 Jonathan Tennenbaum, at the time a senior official in the LaRouche group, told the Duggan family that Jeremiah challenged the assertion that the Jews were to be blamed for the Iraq War and, indeed, the world's problems. Mr Tennenbaum claimed that Jeremiah Duggan made this assertion in front of members of the Schiller Institute in March 2003. In 2008, Jonathan Tennenbaum denied his earlier claims, placing the blame on anti-Semitic remarks coming from someone from the Middle East, who had met up with Jeremiah in the street on the day before his death. Whether this was the case or not, in the early hours of the next morning, the body of Jeremiah Duggan was found dead on a Wiesbaden autobahn. How far Mr Duggan's earlier challenge to the assertion about the Jews conspiring to cause the ills of the world was a contributing factor to his sudden death has also never been considered. Finally, it is significant here to note that H.M. Coroner, Dr W.F.G. Dolman, gave a verdict on 8 April 2003 that the deceased 'had earlier been in a state of terror'.

This summary therefore urges the British and German government to cooperate in reopening the case of Jeremiah Duggan's wrongful death; to initiate a criminal investigation in order to establish cause of death and circumstances surrounding this suspicious death. Germany now has a special responsibility to clearly show the rest of the world where it stands on the issue of anti-Semitism and destructive cults. In view of a young Jewish visitor's sudden and violent death, it is time to scrutinize the activities of the LaRouche Organization and its main European arm, the Schiller Institute, with an eye to investigating whether this movement incites both hatred and anti-Semitism. This requires a far-reaching enquiry to consider the nature of the LaRouche organisation in terms of fascist ideology, racism and coded anti-Semitism.


Lyndon LaRouche as neo-fascist

A convicted fraudster and legally-determined 'small time Hitler', Lyndon LaRouche has long operated at the margins of electoral politics, both as a perennially failing 8-time Democratic hopeful for U.S. President, and through decades of local/regional activism across the Americas, Australia and Europe. Despite establishment credentials via the National Caucus of Labour Committees (NCLC) and its flagship publication, the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), from his entry into politics under the nom de plume Lyn Marcus in the late 1960s, LaRouche's political tactics have been demonstrably extremist. Examples of these activities range from the demonisation of enemies (typically with Jewish, or 'Jewish-sounding' surnames) to a violent campaign against leftist individuals in the United States during 1973/4, codenamed "Operation Mop-Up". Over the 1970s, as LaRouche's empire began to grow, so too did his anti-Semitism and cultic hold over his followers. Defamatory attacks were launched against a wide range of targets, as with the following example from 1978, a year of increased contact with Willis Carto, notorious anti-Semite and founder of the Institute for Historical Review. Indeed, LaRouche is perhaps the most ingenious manipulator of hate-speech active amongst neo-fascists today:

True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for the employment of "inferior races," a small fraction of the tens of millions of others - especially Slavs - who were murdered in the same way Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn proposes today.

Even on a relative scale, what the Nazis did to Jewish victims was mild compared with the virtual extermination of gypsies and the butchery of Communists. The point is that Adolf Hitler was put into power largely on the initiative of the Rothschilds, Warburgs and Oppenheimers, among other Jewish and non-Jewish financial interests centered in the City of London. [....] The Jews who did die at the hands of Nazism were the victims of fascism, the victims of the Schactian form of "fiscal austerity." The "Holocaust" simply proves that the failure of the Nuremberg tribunal to hang Hjalmar Schacht made the whole proceeding a travesty of justice. The murderers of the million and a half or more Jews who died in the "holocaust" are any group, Jewish or non-Jewish, which supported then or now the policies advocated by Felix Rohatyn or Milton Freidman [sic]. Either you, as a Jew, join with the U.S. Labor Party to stop Rohatyn, Friedman the Mont Pelerin Society now, or you are implicitly just as guilty of the death of millions of Jews as Adolf Hitler. (New Solidarity, Dec. 8 1978, p.4).

In this passage, from an article entitled "New pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism", the following techniques emerge:

-  Holocaust Revisionism: Relativising Nazism's crimes, especially against Jews, and questioning the accuracy of fundamental understandings of the Holocaust;

-  Reciprocation: Calling others fascists and Nazis, thereby demonising opponents while legitimising selected tenets of fascist ideology;

-  Metonymy : Using individual Jews or Jewish families as shorthand for entire group. Other forms of encoding include euphemism, allegory and the resuscitation of traditional prejudices and/or stereotypes.

The aim of these techniques is three-fold. First, it attempts to deny central aspects of the Holocaust: to marginalise suffering, relativise guilt, question facts, and shift blame away from the perpetrators of the Final Solution. This is perhaps the most pervasive form of anti-Semitism in the world today. Second, it attempts to sanitise fascism by referring to one's enemies as Nazis, fascists, mass murderers, and so on. Fascism's crimes are at once minimised and applied to perceived enemies. Third, using individual Jews as anti-Semitic code: reference to Rohatyn and Friedman, above, therefore, is a metonymy for Jews generally. Thus anti-Semites deliberately disguise their attacks on Judaism by singling out "bad" Jews - wealthy or powerful individuals, political supporters of Zionism and, of course, anything relating Israeli.

A number of other features are added to this conspiracy theory, derived from classic American fascist texts contemporaneous with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. These include an idiosyncratic strand of American radical nationalism, traditional anti-Semitism, and extreme Anglophobia (exemplified by the British monarchy and intelligence services). As a result, actual fascist and Nazi actions - especially the Final Solution - are systematically trivialised; they return within the boundaries of normalcy. Additionally, enemies are demonised: they are the ones considered to be conspirators and genocidaires; the very embodiment of evil. These individuals are typically Jews prominent in public life.

LaRouche's 1978 passage is but one reason that, already some twenty years ago, the reputed anti-fascist magazine, started labelling LaRouche an 'ultra-rightist' and 'extremist' at the head of a 'racist movement' (Searchlight June 1988, p.18; and May 1988, p.14). Yet the LaRouche Organization actually may be better characterised as a neo-fascist movement, led by LaRouche's ideology, defined by Chip Berlet as 'reinvented fascism'. Another leading expert on LaRouche, Dennis King, argued in Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism - also now a generation old - such neo-fascism meant that 'LaRouche was a man with a coherent program, subtle tactics, and—what is usually lacking in American politics—a long-range plan of how to get from here to there. Both in word and in deed, he was a serious ideologue in the classic European fascist mold. His pendulum swing from left to right in the 1970s had followed the pattern of Benito Mussolini, who was a socialist newspaper editor before founding Italy's Fascist Party. Likewise, LaRouche's occasional reversion to left-wing rhetoric when useful fit the pattern of the early Nazi brownshirts, who, after all, fancied themselves as "National Socialists." His synthetic ideology combined anti- Semitism with extreme militarism and the need for an authoritarian regime to rescue the industrial capitalist system from what he believed was an impending crisis.' (Berlet and Lyons, Right-Wing Populism in America, p.266; King's biography available online at:

Yet LaRouche's excerpt above does not, at first glance, seem be of the same character as, say, writings of Mussolini or Hitler, nor that of other notable fascists writing up to the end of World War Two. This is by design. For after 1945, fascism could never gain power through paramilitary coups or anti-Semitic programmes. Given the unprecedented racial and genocidal crimes committed by European fascist movements - not to mention the popular hostility to fascism throughout the Cold War - the overriding impulse for intelligent postwar fascists ("neo-fascist ideologues") thus became one of retaining a fascist worldview on the one hand; while on the other, concealing this ideology through euphemistic and coded language. Both of these points can be easily obtained through scholarly studies of fascism. For example, Roger Griffin's Fascism Reader defines fascism as 'a genus of political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultra-nationalism.' Later in this book, a passage from a leading neo-fascist ideologue, Maurice Bardeche, demonstrates the significance of distinguishing a persevering fascist ideology from its more off-putting characteristics:

The single party, the secret police, the public displays of Caesarism, even the presence of a Fuhrer are not necessarily attributes of fascism, let alone the reactionary thrust of political alliances [...] The famous fascist methods are constantly revised and will continue to be revised. More important than the mechanism is the idea which fascism has created for itself of man and freedom. [. ] With another name, another face, and with nothing which betrays the projection from the past, with the form of a child we do not recognize and the head of a young Medusa, the Order of Sparta will be reborn: and paradoxically it will,

without doubt, be the last bastion of Freedom and the sweetness of living. (Fascism, ed. Roger Griffin, pp. 4; 321).

Interestingly, a leaked, recent 'Morning Briefing' finds LaRouche stating that 'I'm a free spirit! I say what I think needs to be said. I don't worry about who hears it. The more the merrier! I consider myself accountable for whatever I say. I'm pleased to be accountable for what I say. Not ashamed of anything.' ( /vbforum/showthread.php?t=11710&page=61). If this is indeed the case, LaRouche must then stand by the following statement from 'Solving the Machiavellian Problem Today' (quoted in the frontispiece of King's biography): 'It is not necessary to wear a brown shirt to be a fascist... It is not necessary to wear a swastika to be a fascist ... It is not necessary to call oneself a fascist to be one, it is simply necessary to be one.' In fine, wolves must appear to be sheep for this strategy to succeed.

By rehabilitating fascist ideology in this way, the LaRouche Organization is able to simultaneously shroud their own neo-fascist pedigree, while rehabilitating many of the prior taboos associated with fascism. The two elements needed for this strategy are time and a steady flow of publications. Since the 1970s, the LaRouche organisation has had both, retaining its call for a revolutionary 'renaissance' from the contemporary 'dark ages' so evident at the Bad Schwalbach conference attended by Jeremiah Duggan in March 2003. As the headquarters of the LaRouche Organization's European arm since its founding by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in 1984, moreover, the Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden is directly responsible for disseminating this reformulated fascist doctrine, shot through with anti-Semitic notions, however veiled. The very act of challenging the anti-Semitism and conspiricism inherent in this programme appears to be an important factor in the circumstances surrounding Jeremiah's death, and should be followed up with further enquiries. Although German law makes fascist and racist parties illegal, the LaRouche Organization's easily- spotted concealment of their neo-fascist credentials is simply a case of hiding in plain sight. This is a neo-fascist party, one that incites racial and religious hatred against Jews and others. The LaRouche Organization's attempt at 'reinventing fascism' should in no way deter German authorities from investigating the Schiller Institute's contravention of the German Penal Code. Quite the contrary: the existence of neo-fascism in Germany today should be rigorously investigated.

Dr Matthew Feldman 2008

Senior Lecturer in History School of Social Sciences University of Northampton, NN2 7AL

Editor, Compass: Political Religions ( For further details, see World Who's Who biography, online here: Abbreviated academic CV online:



The LaRouche Organization: Threat to Democracy, Threat to the Individual.

Abstract: The Jeremiah Duggan Case and the 'LaRouche Organization'

On 27 March 2003, Jeremiah Duggan was alleged to have committed suicide by throwing himself in front of cars. His body was found very near to the offices of Lyndon LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review in Hesse, Germany. Shortly before his death, Erica Duggan received two interrupted phone calls from her son, begging to be rescued from Wiesbaden, crying out that he was frightened for his safety. Both Erica and Hugo Duggan, Jeremiah's father and mother, immediately asked for a full investigation but the German police arbitrarily decided -without any medical opinion - that this was a suicide. They based their opinion on the words of drivers very casually interviewed at the side of the road by the first officers on the scene and passed down through a chain of officers, undertaken without the investigating officer interviewing the drivers or writing down signed formal statements from the witnesses. For the last five years all attempts to get a proper investigation of the full circumstances surrounding this violent death have been refused.

Jeremiah told his mother that he was attending an anti-war conference in Germany between 21 and 23 March 2003 at Bad Schwalbach, where he would learn more about politics. Jeremiah was deceived into attending what he thought was a legitimate political gathering at the Schiller Institute, demonstrating against the Iraq War but what, in reality, turned out to be a recruiting ground for Lyndon LaRouche's international network, particularly the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM). Jeremiah denounced the anti-Semitic conspiricism of the LaRouche Organization at the Schiller Institute - as will be shown, is an endemic feature of the LaRouche Organization. Jeremiah was found dead in the early hours of 27 March, having earlier 'been in a state of terror'. This was the conclusion of H.M. Coroner a fortnight later, on 8 April 2003. Despite this finding, virtually no investigation of the Schiller Institute, nor the wrongful death of Jeremiah Duggan, has been undertaken to date. To facilitate such an overdue criminal inquiry into the incitement to racial hatred which may have led to the wrongful death of Jeremiah Duggan, this document will present evidence of LaRouche's systematic anti-Semitism as it contravenes German and EU Law.

The problem among Jews is ancient. The B'nai B'rith today resurrects the tradition of the Jews who demanded the crucifixion of Christ, the Jews who pleaded with Nero to launch the 'holocaust' against the Christians. These Isis-cult-linked moral imbeciles are the modern resurrection of the degraded creatures who were the chief enemies of the great Jewish humanist Philo and of Christ, St. Peter, and St. Paul throughout the Hellenic regions. Since we know that the New Testament is not a collection of myths, since we know the crucial eyewitness and otherwise complements to the New Testament and the writings of Philo, we do not speak lightly in referring to ancient precedents. We know that Zionism today is a parody more hideous than what it imitates from the most evil period of Ptolemaic Egypt and the Roman Empire. You cannot be a Zionist and also a Jew. - Lyndon LaRouche, "Zionism is not Judaism", 1978


Convicted fraudster Lyndon LaRouche was imprisoned in January 1989 with a 15-year sentence; he got probation after five. He then travelled the world despite probation orders, continuing to recruit for his movement (referred to here as the "LaRouche Organzation") on many campuses in Europe, America, Australia, also delivering lectures in the Middle Far East.1 In 2003, while still on probation he travelled to Germany to lecture more than 500 people gathered from all over the world, and to lecture the Young LaRouche Movement on "How to Reconstruct a Bankrupt World". Jeremiah Duggan attended this conference, held in Hesse, Germany. Thus did an unsuspecting British Jew come into contact with one of the most powerful neo-fascist and anti-Semites in the world today, as will be analysed below.2

The LaRouche Organization has substantial influence worldwide. Its goal is to promote Lyndon LaRouche as a leader - ostensibly an American president - with his devoted band of already-organised supporters: the National Executive Committee (or, in Europe, the European Executive Committee); a somewhat larger body, the National Committee (or European Committee), and further below that, the local steering committees. This corporatist structure is supplemented by an Intelligence division, responsible for monitoring the world's press. Front groups in the past have included the National Caucus of Labour Committees, the U.S. Labour Party, the International

Caucus of Labour Committees, the Labour Organizers Defence Fund, the Constitutional Defence Fund, the Club of Life, the Humanist Academy, the Lafayette Foundation, NUWRO, the National Democratic Policy Committee, the FDR PAC, the LaRouche PAC, the LaRouche Youth Movement, the Schiller Institute, and many others. In Europe, there is the European Labour Committee, the majority of whom work in Germany. The LaRouche Organization also has a major publishing arm, both online and in print. In terms of the latter, for example, the following are a few recent or ongoing publications: New Federalist newspaper (now defunct, as of spring 2006) and its predecessor, New Solidarity, Nouvelle Solidarity, Neue Solidaritaet, Executive Alert Service, EIW, Executive Intelligence Review, 21st Century Science & Technology and its predecessor, Fusion, The Campaigner (now defunct) and its successor, Fidelio (also defunct), Ibykus, The New Citizen (Australia) - all run, ultimately, by Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp LaRouche.3 All followers and publications take their orders from the from the Leesburg, Virginia headquarters of the LaRouche Organization including the group's daily worldwide intelligence gleanings, reports from LaRouche and other leaders (called "Morning Briefings"), fundraising tallies and quotas, and so on. Also part of the LaRouche Organization is the Security Division, responsible for "protecting" LaRouche from the supposed omnipresent threat against him, and for keeping delinquent and dissident members in line. It is often alleged that Security makes it difficult for anyone who questions things to leave, and investigates anyone reported to be disaffected. Propaganda is a main focus of their activities. As Chip Berlet writes, this umbrella organisation under LaRouche is a kind of 'reinvented fascism', which also includes the global distribution of anti-Semitic literature, much of which is undertaken - shockingly - in present-day Germany.4

Rodney Gouttman has looked into the workings of the organization, and identifies its role as spreading anti-Semitic doctrines.5 Australia's Gouttman Report alleged that LaRouche's CEC (Citizens Electoral Commission, the LaRouche Organization's registered political party in Australia) is a sect masquerading as a political party, including links with surveillance and counter- intelligence.6 Similarly, in Germany the BUESO party (the national LaRouche political party) was described in the Bundestag as a political sect in 1994. This is despite the fact that LaRouche gags, or tries to gag, any criticism of him by threatening litigation. This, more than anything else, has stymied investigation into this neo-fascist leader and his extremist organisation.

The LaRouche Organization and Anti-Semitism

In another of his many articles covering Lyndon LaRouche, "Protocols to the Left, Protocols to the Right", Chip Berlet notes that the LaRouche Organization is the currently world's largest distributor of literature based on 'coded anti-Semitism rooted in the false allegation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion'.7 Furthermore, evidence of systematic incitement to hatred against the British and worldwide Jewry in LaRouche publications, which started in the 1970's, continues unfettered to this day. While some have dismissed LaRouche's ideas as too absurd or to be taken seriously, this document will marshal evidence showing that this is part of a deliberate smokescreen, one masking the age-old global conspiracy of the "bad" Jews" trying to take over the world. Many others have noted this thrust to LaRouchite ideology, such as Dr Paul Gardner, Chairman of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia, who wrote to the Australian Member for Foreign Affairs, The Hon. Alexander Downer MP, on 24 December 2003 that the 'LaRouche organization spreads anti-Semitic propaganda throughout the world and in many place acts like a cult group which attempts to indoctrinate young people with its ideology. They are accused of propagating incitement to hatred towards the Jews, the British and the Anti-Defamation League. Coupled with this they stand accused of using sinister secretive methods of recruitment.'8

An understanding of how the convoluted conspiracy theories, obscure terminology, innuendo, and codes woven into selective readings of European cultural history is therefore critical to grasping the ulterior agenda of the LaRouche Organization. Just such a veiled intent must itself be seen against the background the activities and methods of the LaRouche Organization, which is notably similar to 'cult' movements worldwide: destructive to family life, to the individual, perpetually at the margins of domestic law. Yet in the case of LaRouche and his many publications and institutions throughout Europe - of which the Schiller Institute is only the most notorious arm - documentation shows that this 'coded anti-Semitism' incites violence and hatred in reality, making the LaRouche Organization a particularly dangerous and ostensibly illegal movement. In the case of German law - under whose primary jurisdiction falls Jeremiah Duggan's wrongful death and the ongoing activities of the Schiller Institute - the penal code specifically outlaws racial and religious incitement to hatred —a category under which the conspiracy theories of Lyndon LaRouche fall, as defined by the German Constitution:

Section 130: Agitation of the People

(1)               Whoever, in a manner that is capable of disturbing the public peace, incites hatred against segments of the population or calls for violent arbitrary measures against them; or

(2)               Assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population, shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to five years.

This document demonstrates that the LaRouche Organization is guilty on these two accounts of violating the German Penal Code. A major and readily accessible source of these criminal incitement - of which there has never been one single statement of denial as to the conspiracy tenets of their views - are to be found in various LaRouche publications, many of which are readily available on the internet. A bare handful, principally taken from 1978 and 2003 - a quarter of a century of unfettered anti-Semitism - is sufficient to prove the point decisively. For what is clear from any cursory review of such texts is evidence of continuing anti-Semitism and demonisation of perceived enemies running through both earlier and later publications. Time and again, "bad" Jews and their conspirators are advanced as the root of all evil - a familiar theme in the history of European anti-Semitism.

In "The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach", Lyn Marcus (the early pen name for Lyndon LaRouche) claimed: 'It is not necessary to give special treatment to Judaism here, since it never existed except in myth, but as a by-product of Christianity, and could not exist except as a special predicate of a Christian or Muslim culture, principally Christian. There is no autonomous "Jewish

culture", but only a special variety of (especially) Christian cultures of Christianity'.9 Later in 1978

- at a period of heightened contact with the notorious anti-Semite, Willis Carto, LaRouche wrote:

'A self-sustaining Judaism never existed and never could exist. As for Jewish culture otherwise, it is

merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed to the

Goyim'. As a result, 'Judaism is not a true religion, but only a half-religion, a curious appendage

and sub-species Charlemagne keep his herd of protected Jews as 'slaves of the treasure'. These

quotations are taken from "Zionism is not Judaism", the anti-Semitic tract given in the epigraph,

which continues: 'The ADL is literally the Gestapo of British secret intelligence in the urban centre

in the United States. No other "social action" complement to a religious association is so

consistently, so profoundly evil.'10

These may not seem at first glance to be egregiously anti-Semitic remarks, but they are part of a consistent - if systematically veiled - pattern of anti-Semitic conspiricism espoused by the LaRouche Organization. It is frequently mixed with a coded form of Holocaust denial, which is itself a microcosm of the sanitised language deliberately employed in LaRouche publications:

The Czarist Okhrana's Protocols of Zion include a hard kernel of truth which no mere Swiss court decision could legislate out of existence. The fallacy of the Protocols of Zion is that it attributes the alleged conspiracy to Jews generally, to Judaism. A corrected version of The Protocols would stipulate that the evil oaths cited were actually the practices of variously a Paris branch of B'nai B'rith [.. ..]n

Going even further than this endorsement of a crude anti-Semitic forgery more than a century old, LaRouche also claims that traditional understandings of the Holocaust are 'hoaxes':

The impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the "holocaust" thesis: that the culmination of the persecution of the Jews in the Nazi holocaust proves that Zionism is so essential to 'Jewish survival' that any sort of criminal activity is justified against anti-Zionists in memory of the 'six million.' This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for the employment of "inferior races", a small fraction of the tens of millions of others, especially Slavs, who were murdered in the same way that Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn and others of his ilk propose to revive today.

A quarter century on, specific evidence from the 21-23 March 2003 Bad Schwalbach

Conference, entitled "LaRouche Youth Movement: A Second American Revolution", demonstrates

the continuation of incitement to hatred against Jews; in this case, as disseminated by the Schiller

Institute. Comprised in this survey are speeches given at the Schiller Institute conference, as well as

"Morning Briefings" and lecture notes found in Jeremiah Duggan's bag. Further evidence will be

selected from LaRouche Press statements, publication and public interviews as well as studies

carried out by ex-members, political analysts and others. This provides first hand evidence of how

the Schiller Institute, in particular, is in violation of the German Penal code.

The lecture notes found in Jeremiah's Duggan's personal possessions at the time of his death reveals that the 2003 Bad Schwalbach conference set out the following ideas:

There is a pernicious group—the evil oligarchs (the Jews)—who are attempting to impose fascist imperialism and world domination through nuclear war.

This evil group is fomenting nuclear world war and bringing the world to the brink of destruction.

Below this, Jeremiah's chart features Leo Strauss in the centre of a circle and an arrow with the words "Jewish" pointing to Strauss' name. It is annotated: 'Jewish leads to Fascism—leads to Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld'. Jeremiah also made notes while listening to the lecture of Lyndon LaRouche's opening address, "Physical Geometry as Strategy"; Jeremiah scribbled down notes about how Kennedy was not killed by Oswald but by a 'special warfare Section' of the State apparatus that 'does this sort of thing'.12 As will be shown, LaRouche's remarks also mention 'forces behind', 'group of forces', 'slime mould' or 'some people' woven into statements - actually claiming it is, in fact, both the British and the Jews who are responsible for the world's ills. In another technique familiar to neo-fascists - that of calling one's own opponents fascists and Nazis -

British and the Jewish bankers are claimed to spread a form of universal fascism in order to exercise world domination.

In LaRouchite ideology, an evil oligarchy (identified as a Jewish-British conspiracy put forward by a number of early 20th century American racists, most prominently 'Cincinnatus' and Francis Parker Yockey) lies at the root of the world's problems: it is this needing to be ruthlessly eradicated. Compare how this view was expressed in the past with the Bad Schwalbach Conference of March 2003. Thus, on 21 March 1978, LaRouche stated in his publication New Solidarity:

At this late hour each delay brings us closer to holocaust. America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby and other British agents from the councils of government, industry, and labour. [President] Carter must be forced to carry out this task by the public emergence of a Labour Party lobby. Competent and committed to save this world that Britain has once again brought to the brink of destruction. War against Kissinger, Brzezinski, and British oligarchical Nazis is a just war.13

25 years later, consider the views of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, wife of Lyndon and founder of the Schiller Institute in 1984. On 22 March 2003, at the Bad Schwalbach Conference she asserted: 'You foolish People! Don't you see that Nemesis is about to strike?'14 Her understanding of 'Nemisis' is detailed in a "Morning Briefing" released to initiates at the conference:

There is a force deployed by the slime mould behind the government— followers of Leo Strauss, etc.—who want to create an English- speaking version of a Roman empire, a permanent fascist world empire. Lyn recounted the history of the plan, starting from [H.G.] Wells. [Bertrand] Russell proposed preventive nuclear war in 1946, and the Russell crowd dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to create a world government with nuclear terror. There is no "after the Iraq war," Lyn said. "Either you stop it or there will be permanent war, and no civilization".15

Over the years, Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly set out his conspiracy theories and referred to the evil force of the British oligarchy in alliance with international Jewry:

The British monarchy is best viewed as the rallying point for an assemblage of oligarchic families, both British and Commonwealth nations, and also strata of the allied oligarchic families of Europe. These oligarchic families, together with their most trusted political servants, gather around and behind the screen of the powers and privilege of the British monarchy. Through such and related means, and through the vast networks of influence they have developed among many nations over recent centuries, these combined forces control and deploy one of the most powerful forces on earth, and the most efficiently evil force existing today.16

Once again, twenty-five years later, the same theories on the 'British oligarchy' are repeated in the "Morning Briefings" and lectures given to Jeremiah at the March 2003 conference. To return to LaRouche's speech on "Physical Geometry as Strategy": 'a group of forces, based on the former head of the Bank of England, from Britain (Montagu, Norman) and his partner, of the Harriman family, and the grandfather of the present President of the United States, Prescott Bush, moved the money to refinance the Nazi Party and the pressure to bring Hitler to power on Jan. 30, 1933: This is what is happening now.'17

The world is thus divided into two —the enemy, characterised as evil (the British monarchy and their Jewish agents) - and the saviours of humanity; namely, the followers of Lyndon LaRouche. Major world events are viewed through a global conspiracy aiming to take over the world. It is the British, the Jews, and their supporters who stand accused of being fascists and Nazis, of militarism and international terrorism, in addition to brainwashing via London's Tavistock Clinic; and of course, monopolistic finance. It is not merely that LaRouche uses special language and redefinitions to hide direct references to the Jews; but in addition, he makes Jewish "sounding" names or stereotypical Jewish references to convey his underlying message. There is also a proliferation of obvious epithets and codes such as 'usurer', 'cabalist', 'Venetian' or 'Babylonian'. This may puzzle the uninitiated, but strikes an unmistakeable chord with contemporary anti- Semites. Another guise is to focus on well-known Jewish families or individuals. LaRouche often attributes guilt by association—take, as an example, his formulations concerning 'Lansky's ADL' or 'Lansky's Israel' - referring to Meyer Lansky, a member of the American mafia, a friend of notorious gangsters Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano. LaRouche frequently uses Lanky's Jewishness to make an association between Judaism and organised crime.

Again, as American researcher Chip Berlet reminds us: 'Coded rhetoric is the key feature in this milieu'.18 It is important to see how the process of encoding to scapegoat the "bad Jew" has remained an essential feature of LaRouche's incitement to hatred. How does this work? Coded terms are used - for example, 'Straussianst', 'Russell-Wells', 'Kissinger', the 'Cheney-Wolfowitz- Perle Chickenhawk gang', and so on - to refer to the Jews and their alleged closest collaborators. Once these codes are repeated and imprinted as representing a wider evil, such sanitised language becomes both acceptable and understood amongst initiates.19 And these are understood as clearly hateful; they incite discrimination. Therefore the following - while apparently bizarre - is well understood by racists and anti-Semites the world over; it is also disseminated by the Schiller Institute: 'America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby and other British agents from the Councils of Government, Industry and labour'. Furthermore, in addressing the responsibility for the Iraq war, Lyndon LaRouche answered at Bad Schwalbach: 'Israel is a hand grenade being thrown at the Arab world. So Israel is not behind this. George Bush hasn't got the brains to be behind it. Who's behind it? The people I referred to in January 2001: The independent central banking system crowd, the slime-mold. The financier interests.'20 As Dennis King reaffirms in his biography, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism: 'These statements have a serious meaning to anti-Semites and neo-Nazis [....] They are eccentric only to those who have not studied the history of modern anti-Semitism, in which the theme of Jewish-British race mixing and Jewish domination of the British Empire looms large.'21

One favourite hate target, perhaps second only to Henry Kissinger, is Leo Strauss. Both are symbolic of "bad" Jews. On March 25, 2003, while Jeremiah Duggan was at the Schiller Institute conference, LaRouche released the Press Release called "War, Hitler and Cheney": 'The Nazi-like doctrine adopted by the Bush administration—merely the lackeys of the circles of influence emanating from Leo Strauss are hell bent on war and destruction along Nazi lines and what faces the world is "virtually endless world war" unless stopped.'22 LaRouche thus blames Leo Strauss for the growth of Nazism and Hitler's rise to power:

All too obviously, the leading war-makers inside the Bush Administration today are mere lackeys, nasty pimps like the Leporello of Mozart's famous opera [Don Giovanni—ed.]. These real-life Leporellos such as the politically pimpish Wolfowitz and Ashcroft, were spawned, chiefly, by Chicago University [University of Chicago—ed.] and associated circles of a prominent fascist ideologue, the late Professor Leo Strauss. This Strauss was a follower of the Carl Schmitt who crafted the law under which Hitler became dictator of Germany; so are Strauss's ardent followers inside the Bush Administration today. This fascist, Strauss, who created Wolfowitz, was imported to the U.S. from the Germany of Carl Schmitt and Hitler-midwife Hjalmar Schacht [.. ..]23

In a nutshell, Leo Strauss is allegedly responsible for the horrors of the Third Reich, as LaRouche again insisted in 2001: 'Who put Hitler into power? Wasn't Germans. It was ordered from London and New York. For why? For geopolitical reasons. To get Germany to go into a second war, and destroy itself in destroying the Soviet Union. That's why it happened.'24 Allegedly once in America, Leo Strauss influenced rich Jews, British agents, and politicians, including, of course, the 'neo-cons':

That new Reichstag Fire of which I warned in that January 2001 address, actually came, less than nine months later, on Sept.11, 2001. Like Hitler's Reichstag fire of 1933, the Sept. 11, 2001 attack was exploited by Vice President Dick Cheney and such followers of the Nazi­like Professor Leo Strauss as Attorney-General John Ashcroft, to unleash an attempted step- wise, fascist takeover of the U.S.A. from within. That incident of Sept. 11, 2001 was then used to unleash a campaign of international world-wide warfare, warfare modelled on Athens' tragic folly of the Peloponnesian war, and on such Classically fascist precedents as those of the Roman Caesars, the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler. Thus, the ideology of that thieving, imperial outlook of Cheney and his fascist Chicken-hawks, now combines the nuclear 'preventive war' dogmas of Bertrand Russell with the imported Nietzschean mode of fascist ideology of Germany's Carl Schmitt, Martin Heidegger, and Leo Strauss.

As further stated at Bad Schwalbach: 'Predominant control over the Bush Administration has been secured, until now, by a Cheney-led fusion of the combination of Chicago University's [sic] imported fascist -that Professor Leo Strauss—with Wells' and Russell's goal of world government through Hitler-like, preventive nuclear war'.25 Thus, as LaRouche put it a year later, Leo Strauss was responsible for America "Marching down the road toward self-inflicted hell".26

Amongst a number of other symbolic Jewish targets, then, Strauss is accused by LaRouche of supporting Hitler's rise to power, of having been involved in Sept. 11th, and of promoting the wars in the Middle East. As usual such, these events transpire through intrigue and conspiracy, for example via the Anti-Defamation League, which LaRouche recently stated was 'one of the chief apologists for the Nazi atrocities of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the utopian lunatics in the Israeli Defence Forces'.27 Through innuendo and, in particular, metonymy LaRouchite propaganda blames Jews for every problem facing the world.

Zionism, of course, and Israel generally, remain favourite targets of the LaRouche Organization. As Dennis King maintains, 'in LaRouchian propaganda Zionism is the chief international tool of the British, and Zionists are usually British agents. Since most Jews are Zionists, the implication is that most Jews must be British agents."28 Through recourse to the neo- fascist tactic of calling one's enemies "Nazis", in an interview on WOL Radio's "Reynolds Rap" in April 20, 2002, LaRouche described Israeli policies thus: 'They want to get rid of the Palestinian people, the way the Nazis wanted to get the Jews out of Warsaw.'29 Note that LaRouche could not bring himself to say that the Nazis wanted 'to get rid of' the Jews - he could only say that the Nazis 'wanted to get the Jews out of Warsaw'. However, he has no such problem attributing genocidal impulses to the Israelis.

One final quotation illustrating this extreme anti-Zionism (itself another mask for LaRouche's coded anti-Semitism) came in response to a question asked of LaRouche at a recent conference:

the Likud police— especially the military policy of the IDF now, the policies of Sharon, and the incipient policies proposed by Netanyahu—are Nazi, then you get the truth of the situation, and you now then can from that standpoint, have the framework in which to judge the behaviour of these Palestinians. Now many of them, I think, are wrong. But they are like the Jewish fighters, in the Warsaw Ghetto against the full weight of the Nazi machine commanded by Stroop: And, there's no difference. The American Jew has to face the fact. Now, here's the problem; there's another problem, which I think the questioner refers to; which is not mentioned, but should be mentioned. See, there are two reactions on the question of condemning the crimes of the present Israeli, Nazi government, against the people of Palestine. One objection is to calling them 'Nazis.' But they are! So why not call them by the right name?" "Well, they can't be Nazis, because they're Jewish." Come on: Cut it out! How many people are followers, in Israel today, are followers of Vladimir Jabotinsky, who once offered to support the Hitler government of Germany, if Hitler would give up anti-Semitism. And, whose policies are indistinguishable—including those of his Betar—from Nazi policies. What do you think the Israelis were, of the Betar, in particular— including the Menachem Begin who often bragged about having blown up the King David Hotel, with the British Governor there, sitting in the bathtub, when the bombs went off? Menachem Begin was a terrorist! The Likud is a terrorist organization.

It is these anti-Semitic ideas that were enforced on Jeremiah Duggan at the Schiller Institute in Weisbaden, Germany. As will now be described, this process is accompanied by fear-mongering, intimidation, and emotional blackmail.

Fear-Mongering and Psychological Coercion

Fear-mongering has been an important feature of LaRouche's political and personal behaviour since the start of LaRouche's National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC) in 1968. The LaRouche Organization is run along military lines, with LaRouche stating that his goal is to train 2,000 leaders to rule the world. These "leaders" must be answerable only to him. His aim is to search ruthlessly for his band of experts, who will be his followers and put in place forms of government which follow "Natural Law"—as determined by LaRouche—and with LaRouche as the world leader. This was already set out in "The Politics of Male Impotence" from 1973:

contains for you such terrors as the outside world could never offer you. I will thus destroy your rabbit-holes, mental as well as physical. I shall destroy your sense of safety in the place where you ordinarily imagine you can flee. I shall not pull you back from fleeing but rather destroy the place to which you would attempt to flee.30

Another LaRouche title from 1973, Beyond Psychoanalysis, describes the process of peeling away all false assumptions and that in some cases it can go wrong and result in a violent emotional collapse with a 'mess to clear up' afterwards. This shows that the LaRouche officials know that what they are doing to people can be brutal and destructive. Some, like the well-known story of Kenneth Kronberg, were driven to suicide; others, like Michael White, were effectively 'ego- stripped' by the LaRouche Organization - a process described by many ex-members as tantamount to psychological torture.31

LaRouchite methods of mass recruiting employ psychological techniques that are highly coercive. Here too LaRouche provides the way, having often written about how it is first necessary to 'terrorize' the victim into regarding the entire world as a police-controlled environment. Second, the victim must come to believe that 'the whole world is falling apart and then take upon himself the blame.' This idea, as here expounded in The Campaigner, suggests that unless the individual is freed from their corrupted view of the world through LaRouche's guidance, they are personally to


This process almost invariably starts with repeated, coercive emotional pressure. For example, at the Bad Schwalbach conference on 24 March 2003, Helga Zepp-LaRouche started the day by claiming

The next day, this "millenarian" view was accompanied by its Manichean opposite, a totalising and utopian solution to all global problems, undertaken by

a group of people who know how to create a renaissance, who want to be geniuses, not that everyone should become a famous Einstein, but in the potentiality of human thinking, that is what we have with the youth movement. And Lyn as the US President would be able to fix the world. [....] Someone can save the world, it is us. Make the sublime, the beautiful soul, your daily practice. Make a holy, solemn commitment to save the world. Then you will be free.

As with the views of the LaRouche Organization generally, this dualism is another hallmark of fascist and neo-fascist ideology.34 But also, such emotional coercion dictates that those not giving themselves over the revolutionary cause 'become complicit in the evil work done by those leaders'.35

With the founding of the YLM in 2000, the LaRouche message has been directed especially at students. Elodie Viennot, a leader of the French LaRouche Youth cadre, also addressed the Schiller Institute at the Bad Schwalbach conference. She informed all participants that there would be no stopping a world catastrophe - unless they were willing to put their lives on the line: 'Remember that youth in previous eras gave their lives and blood for these, and their lives and blood did not go to waste. I have a great faith in youth. I call upon youth here to make a pledge, that we are the soldiers of a new world'. As a result, she asserted: 'There is no after this.'36 This psychological incitement, alongside a dualistic worldview demonising selected enemies, can thus easily become not only sinister, but threatening.

Much of this view derives directly from LaRouche's own rejection of students' capacity to either think individually or use independent judgement. In short, LaRouche must teach them how to think.37 Even governments and law enforcement officers connive in committing assassinations and intrigues; the message is "trust no one". In attempting to discredit normal support networks (family, friends, schools, and so on), LaRouche uses emotional manipulation to foster a fear that there is no hope to save the world - unless members unconditionally follow his direction and leadership. Returning to his keynote speech to opening the March 2003 Bad Schwalbach conference, LaRouche noted that 'independent thinking is not independent thinking—something is controlling the way we think so that we are caused to do things that lead to the destruction of civilization.' Students were told that they were surrounded by a society actively feeding them misinformation and lies, especially through their institutions of learning: 'Our culture became corrupt [....] Universities today are barely recognizable as institutions of learning. In our schools we don't educate people any more [...] we've become morally decadent".38 Part and parcel of this universal propaganda directed at students - which only allegiance to LaRouche, of course, can dispel - Jeremiah Duggan, a student at the British Institute in Paris, noted with respect to his own undergraduate course: 'Linguistics = Brainwashing'.39

Contemporary Dangers posed by the LaRouche Organization

The LaRouche Organization is run as a military-style operation demanding total commitment, which typically includes separation from one's family.40 This, too, is a global phenomenon. Thus B'nai B'rith in Australia presented the views of a senior member of the LaRouche Organization after undergoing an 'ego-stripping' session: 'They inquired into my relationship with my mother. That was pretty much standard procedure. It was an interrogation. The whole aim was to create a new person, making your past totally irrelevant and giving you a new personality. No matter what you said it was your mother's fault. It was pretty hideous stuff. Many people broke down and cried.'41 After 18 years as a LaRouchite, Aglaja Beyes-Corleis described the process of psychological subjugation in a memoir -many others are available online, containing similar revelations - which asserts: 'It should never be forgotten, that the cadre of LaRouche's organization are victims of a destructive cult.' Prospective Jewish members, she recalls, were especially targeted for harassment.42 In like fashion, witness testimonies describe the methods of subjugation applied to Jeremiah Duggan at the cadre school in Wiesbaden in 2003.43

Fundraising is an obsessive daily routine. People are contacted directly on the streets, in meetings and conferences, on the telephone, by pamphlet drops - meaning that the Schiller Institute in Germany is one of the many important centres for the spreading of anti-Semitism throughout the world. Funds are raised by producing intelligence reports for businesses and industries, as well as through what amounts to indentured servitude by members. This led to uncontrolled fundraising— a process whereby the LaRouche organization raised tens of millions in loans - with the U.S. government estimating that the organization failed to repay at least $34 million of those loans; LaRouche was convicted of fraud in 1988.

Another cult-like manifestation of the LaRouche Organization entails demonising enemies in systematic smear campaigns. These can be directed against influential - typically Jewish - figures (such as Henry Kissinger and Leo Strauss), or against those viewed by LaRouche as a potential threat. Regarding the latter, "The Bizarre Case of Baroness Symons" focuses on the British Foreign Minister Baroness Symons, who met and heard the Duggan family's appeal for her to investigate the death of their son in 2003. In consequence, Baroness Symons smeared after meeting with the Duggan parents.44 Still later, in 2006 LaRouche decided to attack the victim's family as well; for example, in a briefing of 6 December entitled "What did his mother say that drove him to suicide?", which concludes with the (leading) question: 'What is this guilty woman trying to cover up?' Further articles produced by the LaRouche Organization further defame the victim and his family, of which a few titles give an accurate representation of this sensationalist form of slander: "British Press and Officials Caught lying in Duggan Affair"; "Media Locust do Dirty Work for Cheney, Gore and Blair"; "London Friends of Cheney Behind New Slander Against LaRouche"; "Blair War Clique Runs Anti-LaRouche Slander Drive"; and "German Officials Denounce British Fabrications around Duggan Case". Indeed, throughout its existence, the LaRouche Organization has used intimidation and even violence in order to boost LaRouche's position amongst his followers whilst intimidating his "enemies" into silence and submission.45 Examples here include "Operation Mop Up"; incidents concerning the German Green Party and in particular Petra Kelly, smear campaigns against Henry Kissinger, Willy Brandt, and others.46 A final, lengthy quotation tying together many of these themes - while combining anti-Semitism, the defamation of a Holocaust survivor and classic neo-fascist tactics by LaRouche- is also readily available online:

In Israel today, a Nazi-like form of fascist tyranny is centered in the currently ruling, Bonapartist consulate of the ruling circles of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). In the background, we find that the corrupting influence of existentialism, as spread back into Israel by the arguments of Martin Buber, has been the corrosive, anti-Mendelssohn sickness, which made possible a widespread abandonment of everything precious which the Mendelssohn-led reform and the Yiddish Renaissance had contributed to European civilization at large.

Today, any American Jew who wishes to know what Nazism was, and who supports the present rampage of Sharon and the IDF directorate, need but stand before the mirror, and look into his own hate-filled, enraged eyes. Take the case of wild-eyed Congressman Tom Lantos, for example.

All among those of us who understand the strategic implications of the role currently assigned to those Israeli Ceasars, know with certainty, as martyred Prime Minister Rabin knew, that the end result of what Sharon and his IDF masters are doing, will be the obliteration of Israel, with the construction of the Third Temple on the site of al-Haram al- Sharif as its crematorium, its "Masada." Is the Washington Post, for example, supporting Israel? Does one describe a man who throws a hand grenade as a supporter of that hand grenade? If Israel's Nazis did not exist, the haters of Judaism would probably have had to have created them.

The easiest way to destroy a selected victim, is to induce him to destroy himself.47

Since 1984, Wiesbaden's Schiller Institute has been a focus for the activities of the LaRouche Organization's European arm. Over this generation, German authorities have turned a blind eye to the activities of the LaRouche network; even after the death of Jeremiah Duggan, they have refused to investigate LaRouche or the Schiller Institute. Moreover, the speeches given at the Bad Schwalbach conference by Lyndon LaRouche maintain that there are forces behind the governments of Britain, America, and Israel - the same forces that put Hitler in power, assassinated

Kennedy Rabin, planned the Reichstag fire, September the 11th, a genocide against Palestinians, and an intended nuclear war and a fascist global takeover. It is also not difficult to see according to LaRouche doctrine that the evil forces behind these acts of destruction are also Jewish.

Jonathan Tennenbaum, a lecturer from the Schiller Institute, told the Duggan parents that their students were expected to completely change their identities and reject everything that they had learnt. He explained that could be very distressing, for they would have to grapple with the notion that "Bush is the new Hitler". Mr Tennenbaum added: 'I remember Jeremiah very well. He did a very brave thing. When he heard others saying how the Iraq war was caused by the Jews and in fact people saying that the Jews were responsible for all the evils in the whole world, Jeremiah spoke out in front of all the others declaring that he was a Jew'. Of course, in any normal setting, Jeremiah would not have had to speak out, nor would people have been saying that Jews were responsible for all the evils of the world. But Mr Tennenbaum did not seem aware of this. Indeed, Jeremiah was not known to have ever publicly asserted his Jewishness in such a way. To find oneself in this position in Germany is appalling. For any individual to visit Germany with the belief that this was a political peace conference, but to be instead confronted with anti-Semitism raises serious concerns about public safety for all Jews visiting Germany. But more importantly, it underscores the danger and extremist nature of the LaRouche Organisation and its neo-fascist leader, Lyndon LaRouche.


The Gouttman Report in Australia serves to emphasize the danger of the LaRouche Organization as a threat to the democratic process in nation-states. In addition to its cultic nature, there also is overwhelming evidence of anti-Semitism on the part of the LaRouche Organization, as distributed in Europe by the Schiller Institute. Infringement of laws against incitement to hatred has taken place and continues to take place in Wiesbaden. One must ask: why has this network with its history of anti-Semitism and terror tactics been allowed to continue for so long? Today the world looks to

Germany to abide by their public statements that they will, first, take action against anti-Semitism and against any organization spreading dangerous extremism and, second, will uphold a Penal Code outlawing criminal acts and organizations that engage in destructive or criminal activities. Germany now has a special responsibility to clearly show the rest of the world where it stands on the issue of anti-Semitism and destructive cults. In view of a young student Jeremiah Duggan's sudden and violent death, it is time to critically scrutinize the activities of the LaRouche Organization and its main European arm, the Schiller Institute, with an eye to an investigation of their collective illegality, which includes incitement to hatred and Holocaust denial.

Written and researched by Erica Duggan. 27th March 2008

Completed five years after the death of her son Jeremiah Duggan in Wiesbaden Germany on 27th March 2003.

First presented to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the 3rd April 2008 in advance of it being submitted to the German authorities in order that both countries will take note of lessons that may be learnt from this document and that no more young people like Jeremiah will be harmed


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'Zionism is a hideous doctrine, a cult in the strictest, most rigorously restricted usage of that characterization. It ought to be opposed merely on the grounds that no human being's mind should be destroyed in the way that Zionism degrades its individual cultist. Worse, Zionist cultism is among the most important of the levers through which British criminality and miscalculation are plunging the world toward a war in which both Israel and the United States would be destroyed as nations—all for the most worthless, most contemptible of causes.'

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'One derivative theme mixes anti-Semitism with historic U.S. Anglophobia and contends that the British Royal family's intermarriage with Jews resulted in the Rothschild family's exerting total control over the financial centre called the City of London, which in turn is alleged to control world finance. Although Anglophobia can exist without anti-Semitic overtones, the two are often linked, and Anglophobia is often used as an introductory bait to lure people toward later allegations of Jewish influence.'

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20   In answer to a question at the 2003 conference as to whose behind the Iraq war LaRouche responded: 'The people I referred to in January 2001; The independent central banking system crowd, the slime-mold. The Financier interests' (King, p. 276). "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites" is among LaRouche's most thorough accounts of his version of world history. Apart from his schema of oligarchs versus humanists, this work and other NCLC pseudo-historical treatises appear to borrow heavily from the anti- Semitic "classics"; Houston Stewart Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899) Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West (1918-22) Hitler's Mein Kampf (1925-1926) Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930), and Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium (1958) as well as assorted British and American Nazi tracts from the interwar years.

21   King, ch. 29, "Elizabeth: Queen of the Jews", which notes: "The original Nazis popularized this theory. In Mein Kampf, Hitler complained that the Jews in England exert an 'almost unlimited dictatorship' through their manipulation of public opinion. Heinrich Himmler speculated in his unpublished notebooks on the 'Jewish blood' of the English and Scots. Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century discussed the alleged identity of the policies of 'Jewish high finance' with those of Great Britain and claimed that the British government had 'handed over control of all financial transactions to Jewish bankers such as Rothschild, Montague, Cassell, Lazard, etc.' Expressing a theory that the LaRouchians later would repeat in Dope, Inc,, Alfred Rosenberg had already claimed under Hitler that England had 'allowed the opium trade to fall increasingly into Jewish hands'.

22   "War, Hitler, and Cheney" Lyndon LaRouche, Press Release, 25/3/08. 24 Ibid.

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27   "Who is Telling Lies About LaRouche?", Lydon LaRouche, Press Release, 14/3/03: 'The varieties of lunacy are many, but they all have one thing in common—they are popular because they are approved by the financial oligarchy. It is the management of these popular beliefs, for which the oligarchy created a thought police such as the AFF and the ADL.'

28  King, p. 284.

29  Lyndon LaRouche Interview on WOL Radio's "Reynolds Rap" April 20, 2002: "Mass assassinations, extermination, mass killing, burning buildings with people in them, in order to exterminate and drive the people from the land.. .It's exact copy of what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto."

30  L.M. is another pseudonym for Lyndon LaRouche, "The Politics of Male Impotence" NCLC Internal Memo, 16/8/73; see also King p. 25.

31   For example, Aglaja Beyes-Corleis' unpublished manuscript in English, "Rewriting German History": "The Beginning: Psycho-Studies on 'National Ideologies' states: 'How do you control a person most effectively? By reshaping his or her ideas, aspirations, ideology. How is this achieved? One way is to make the victim hate her- or himself. In early 1974, when LaRouche's organizations in Europe were still in the initial stages, the cadres were ordered to study 'national ideologies.' I was a member in the local in Hamburg then. The regional leadership had been in the Untied States for direct instructions by LaRouche. One of the projects they brought back was the order to the whole organization: Handle your problems of national ideology by applying 'our' psychological method. It proved very effective in fastening the grip on the membership and was part of the foundations to brainwashing. LaRouche had his special ideas about the 'problems' of every 'national identity.' An extreme example is what he had to say about the Latin

Americans. Their 'psycho-sexual impotence,' LaRouche said, was responsible for the failure of every social revolution in the last centuries. It was the time, when LaRouche set out to build organisations in both Europe and Latin America. To 'help' the process along, he issued a Campaigner article titled: "The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party".

'Besides the Latin American members, the Jewish members became a target of extremely ferocious attacks. The 'Jewish mother' became the location of impotence and everything bad a 'revolutionary' had to overcome. Instead of rejecting these wild accusations as insane, members often jumped on them in voluntary masochism. If I dare to face the greatest wrongs inside myself, if I don't chicken out, I have the chance to become a self-conscious revolutionary. So we believed.'

32     Campaigner Vol. 7 No. 6. p. 40 .

33  Morning Briefing Sunday March 23, 2003 Helga Zepp LaRouche: "Mass murder is being committed and the whole world is watching".

34 An exhaustive, recent example of 100 texts are provided by Roger Griffin with Matthew Feldman, Fascism: Critical Concepts, 5 vols. (Routledge, 2004). A shorter book by the same publisher was edited by Aristotle Kallis in 2006, entitled A Fascism Reader.

35  Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Schiller Conference Address, 24/3/03.

36   Elodie Viennot, "The Historic Mission of Joan of Arc", which continues: 'So this is what a real leader is with Lyn, who tried to convey to us on Friday night, are you willing to put your life on the line? Because your life might actually never die if you accomplish those matters', Bad Schwalbach conference, 24/3/03.

37   "Insanity as Strategy": 'That means, don't trust your own independent thinking [....] Independent thinking is not independent thinking. Something is controlling the way they think, and act, which is causing them to do the things that lead to the destruction of civilization.'

38" Physical Geometry as Strategy".

39 See note 5.

40   See for example Martin Daly, "Families Fight Back", The Age, 30/1/96 which describes in detail the cultl­ike methods of recruitment.

41  ADL Commission in Australia. Pernicious Vision: Challenge from within Australia's Extreme Right. Rodney Gouttman, Australian Journal of Jewish Studies. xv (2001)

42  Beyes-Corleis, note 23, which continues: 'If the anti-Semitism in LaRouche's organization is like the dagger in Leonard's painting, it should be easy to deal with it, once the dagger is identified. Not quite so. The conditioning of the member takes place in the in-between-period, while the member does not see the dagger. Once you see it, it takes almost super-human efforts to draw the consequences. Why? For LaRouche, to condition members meant to 'change cathexis' partly by Orwellian language, but more by a whole system of thought and a system of the way to think.'

43  Witness testimonies from persons with Jeremiah in the days before his death. Also Many letters from families from all over the world, from ex members testify to the destructive nature of the network.

44  Executive Intelligence Review, "The Bizarre Case of Baroness Symons". Among many other articles of this nature, see Jeffrey Steinberg's "Behind the Kelly/Wilson/Duggan Affair: Anatomy of a Defamation Campaign".

45   See King, ch. 3. In 1973, LaRouche told followers that in order to stop the world from destruction they had to first crush their critics. This led to young intellectuals dropping out of college and being sent to meetings to physically attack rivals; specifically, the Communist Party. The result was numerous injuries inflicted on NCLC opponents. NCLC members were ordered by LaRouche to undergo training for street fighting beforehand.

46   King, p. 145-55.

47  From the Executive Intelligence Review, The Ugly Truth about the ADL (Washington, DC, 1992) See also Berlet and Lyons, p. 194: 'Some anti-Semitic versions of the alleged conspiracy reach beyond Christian circles. LaRouche staff collaborate with Nation of Islam staff to promote the claim of an historic Judeo- Freemasonry conspiracy involving the Ku Klux Klan, organized crime, and the B'nai B'rith.'



By Dennis King Author of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism

I have been asked by Erica Duggan to provide a summary of the anti-Semitic beliefs of Lyndon LaRouche and his followers. As an author and journalist, I have studied the group in questions for over 30 years; prior to that, I had occasion to observe and interact with members of the group as far back as 1968. I have spent hundreds of hours interviewing dozens of former followers of LaRouche.

Apart from my book, I wrote over 30 articles on the LaRouche movement in the 1970s and 1980s, including pieces in the Wall Street Journal and The New Republic. My book, published by Doubleday in 1989, received positive reviews in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Nation, Commentary and other respected publications.

Since then I have had occasion to keep up to date on the LaRouchians pursuant to my work as a consultant in court cases and other controversies involving them. Most recently, I worked as a consultant for the U.S. Justice Department as it prepared for a civil trial in which LaRouche was suing the U.S. attorney general and the FBI for alleged harassment (LaRouche decided to drop the case on the eve of trial in 2000, and it was dismissed with prejudice).

Over the years I have accumulated a large archive of materials on the LaRouche organization, probably the largest such archive in existence except at LaRouche's own headquarters. In preparing the summary below, I have performed a careful but not exhaustive review of LaRouche publications over the past decade, and am confident that LaRouche has not changed his anti-Semitic beliefs in any essential way: first, because many of the organization's most shocking statements about Jews from the early years have been placed on the website of the LaRouche Youth Movement and are even described as "classics" of the movement; second, because I have found numerous recent examples of the very same themes, albeit expressed in a more sophisticated manner than in the 1970s.

Anti-Semitism lies at the core of LaRouche's beliefs, just as it lay at the core of Hitler's. It is the connecting thread in ALL the propaganda themes, conspiracy theories and pseudo-scientific and pseudo-scholarly claptrap that LaRouche and his followers espouse. What follows are examples of most of the themes in the LaRouchian "system" of anti- Semitism. Be aware that LaRouche's method of expressing his anti-Semitic beliefs, like that of many other prominent bigots past and present, is a curious mixture of naked expressions of hate and scorn; thinly veiled euphemisms (attacks on "usurers" "shylocks," hora dancers and Zionists); indirect forms of attack or abuse (as by denying the Holocaust); and conspiracy theories involving Jewish banking families.

But LaRouche has developed new methods as well—the building up of prominent Jews as symbolic hate figures, the development of imaginative new forms of the blood libel, and the concoction of the myth of an evil "oligarchy" (also known sometimes as the "Zionist-British organism," the "Venetian party," the "Anglo-American financial elite," the "folks who cooked up the hoax known as the Old Testament" or simply the "British"). The oligarchy is the target of the LaRouche organization's most violent abuse: Drawing on quack theories of genetics borrowed from Soviet agronomists under Stalin, LaRouche (who has no formal training in biology or any other science) claims that the oligarchy has evolved into a separate biological species—utterly evil and utterly parasitical—that humanity must vanquish in the interests of its own survival.

It should be noted that over the past four years LaRouche propaganda materials, especially regarding the 9/11 terror attacks and the war in Iraq, have been picked up by Al-Jazeera and other media in the Arab world to bolster their own conspiracy theories about the United States, Britain and Israel. LaRouche himself is frequently interviewed in the Arab media, and articles from his publications are frequently translated and republished by Arab newspapers.

Given the elaborate nature of LaRouche's arguments, it is impossible for short quotes to capture the full meaning of many of the below statements. LaRouche is fond of hedging and qualifying what he says to avoid undue attack from the media. Copies of the full text of cited documents - or web links to the LaRouche sites where they can be found - are available on request from

Note: It is possible that the LaRouche organization will change the wording of documents on their websites so that a document may no longer conform to what is quoted here. It is also possible that changes were made to older LaRouche documents before placing them in HTML format on LaRouche websites. In the case of any nonconformity, please contact and we will furnish you with photocopies of the original documents and/or printouts of the earlier web versions.

Quotations from Chairman LaRouche (and his followers):

On the Jewish religion:

"Judaism is not a true religion, but only a half-religion, a curious appendage and sub­species of Christianity." It evolved as an "ideological abstraction" of the "Roman merchant-usurer who had not evolved to the state of Papal enlightenment, a half- Christian, who had not developed a Christian conscience.. ..A self-subsisting Judaism never existed and never could exist."--Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach," The Campaigner, Dec. 1973, p. 37.

"The variety of 'Judaism' represented by Zionism's inner circles is summarily identified historically by drawing a circle through the points of the pentacle represented by the Star of David: 'black magic' and 'Satanism.'" LaRouche, "Mickey Mouse & Pluto Move to Washington," New Solidarity, Oct. 17, 1978.

On Jewish culture and the Jewish business instinct:

"As for 'Jewish culture'.. .it is merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim."—LaRouche, "The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach," The Campaigner, Dec. 1973, p. 37.

"The brutally sadistic moral castration of the Jewish boy by the domineering 'Jewish mother' is the basis for one of the most horrifying models of male sexual impotence, which expresses itself obsessively in the 'business Jew.'" Ibid.

On Jews and the killing of Jesus Christ:

"The problem among Jews is ancient. The B'nai B'rith today resurrects the tradition of the Jews who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Jews who pleaded with Nero to launch the 'holocaust' against the Christians."-- LaRouche, "New Pamphlet to Document the Cult Origins of Zionism," New Solidarity, Dec. 8, 1978.

On Zionism:

"Zionism is a hideous doctrine, a hideous cult in the strictest, most rigorously restricted usage of that characterization. It ought to be opposed merely on the grounds that no human being's mind should be destroyed in the way that Zionism degrades its individual cultist." Ibid.

On Jewish communal organizations

"The B'nai B'rith is the most evil and most dangerous of the 'social action' programs associated with religious bodies in the United States today." Ibid.

On the duty of Jewish followers of LaRouche to prove themselves worthy of survival:

In demanding that his Jewish followers join him wholeheartedly in denouncing Zionism as an "evil, racist doctrine," LaRouche wrote: "You have no right to hide behind the whimpering, morally degraded profession: 'I am only one little person..' You are personally, individually accountable for the ultimate consequences of what you do or fail to do..Either you take responsibility for the ultimate consequences of your conduct or you have no moral right to complain against whatever evil the world's developments bestow upon you.

If you say, 'As a Jew, I must be concerned primarily with what is good for Jews,' you are already on the pathway to becoming a Nazi. You were better advised to ask yourself, 'What is a Jew good for? What can a Jew contribute to humanity generally which obliges humanity to value the Jew?" Ibid. [It should be noted that LaRouche makes no such demands on any other ethnic group, nor does he deny the right to a national consciousness of any other group. Indeed LaRouche, the opponent of Zionist nationalism, is a staunch promoter of German and Argentine nationalism.]

On the Holocaust:

"The contemptible but impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the 'holocaust' thesis. It is argued that the culmination of the persecution of the Jews in the Nazi holocaust proves that Zionism is so essential to 'Jewish survival' that any anti-Zionist is therefore not only an anti-Semite, but that any sort of criminal activity is excusable against anti-Zionists in memory of the 'six million Jewish victims' of the Nazi 'holocaust.'

This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive 'appropriate technology' for the employment of 'inferior races,' a small fraction of the tens of millions of others-- especially Slavs--who were murdered in the same way Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn proposes today." Ibid. [Felix Rohatyn, a New York banker, was involved at the time in helping to clean up the finances of New York City municipal government which were in a state of near collapse; the process involved temporary cutbacks in some city services. The implication is that if Mr. Rohatyn was indeed plotting, as a "Jewish refugee," to commit genocide against tens of millions of people, then the Nazis' murder of only a "million and a half Jews" was really not so bad in comparison. Indeed LaRouche asserts in the next sentence that "[e]ven on a relative scale, what the Nazis did to Jewish victims was mild compared with the virtual extermination of gypsies and the butchery of Communists."]

The views of LaRouche's wife Helga (who is expected to take over the organization when the elderly LaRouche dies or becomes incapacitated) are every bit as extreme as her husband's. When an American TV series about the Holocaust was aired in Germany in 1979, Helga lashed out against this alleged "Holocaust swindle" which she regarded as a slander against her fellow Germans:

"The Zionist-British circles that produced and propagandized the 'Holocaust' film and whose West German representatives are presently setting in motion in the Federal Republic a totally artificial and controlled debate over it are those very people who are plunging the world into a holocaust that will make the crimes of Nazis look like a picnic... ,[T]here is not the slightest qualitative difference between the morality of the Zionists and that of the worst Nazis."—Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "ELP Chairman's Statement: The Zionists' Holocaust Today," New Solidarity, January 26, 1979.

LaRouche himself also lashed out at the Holocaust TV series in a May 20, 1979 speech: "[W]hat the people who put this film on in New York City about what the Nazis did are prepared to do to the human race makes the Nazi thing look like a slight mistake!" [Quote is from a correction (published in a mid-June 1979 issue of New Solidarity) to the text of the speech as originally published June 8, 1979.]

On how to handle humanity's "anti-social"problem (the Jews):

Many Holocaust deniers today are fearful to openly call for a new Holocaust, but LaRouche has found sly ways of evading the strictures of human decency. When Jewish author Arthur Koestler (and Koestler's wife) committed suicide in 1983, New Solidarity suggested that Kissinger, Kissinger's wife, and Federal Reserve Board chairman Paul Volcker (the arch-usurer, in LaRouche's eyes)follow Koestler's example. In a chilling allusion to the Holocaust, the article asked: "Why should the worthwhile vast majority of the human race settle for attempts to solve its antisocial problems on a case-by-case basis? Why not get organized to settle with such characters all at once?" "Koestler Takes His Own Advice; Kissinger to Follow?"-- New Solidarity, March 14, 1983.

Support for Nazi war criminals:

Given such views, it should be no surprise that the LaRouche organization has demonized the U.S. Justice Department unit charged with tracking down and deporting Nazi war criminals; indeed, the LaRouche organization, including such fronts as the Schiller Institute and the Fusion Energy Foundation, went all out in the 1980s to defend (as patriotic Americans and innocent victims of a Zionist vendetta) the likes of John ("Ivan the Terrible") Demjanjuk of the Treblinka death camp; Karl Linnas, the butcher of the Tartu camp; Waffen SS mass murderer Tscherim Soobzokov; and Nazi rocket engineer Arthur Rudolph (who ran the an underground factory using slave labor from the Dora- Nordhausen camp—over 5,000 of his slaves died or were killed by the SS). [See "Old Nazis and New Dreams" in Dennis King, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, pp. 75-81.]

The Dreyfuss libel--Jews function as spies and traitors within gentile societies:

"Literally thousands of operatives for the Zionist Lobby have penetrated the halls of Congress, the State and Defense Departments, the CIA, and American business and labor organizations to gather information which is then transmitted up the chain of command to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Maltese Order..

These agents gather information and intelligence on U.S. national security policy, corporate policy, and financial policy for transmission to the enemy. Their loyalties lie not with the United States but with the Zionist-British organism..

The Zionist octopus must be eliminated.."—unsigned editorial, "Register the Zionist Lobby As Foreign Agents!" New Solidarity, Sept. 5, 1978.

"The sentencing of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. doesn't close the book on the sordid story of Mossad operations against the United States. In order to accomplish its purpose, it must lead to a whole new round of housecleaning. that will get the Sharon mafia out of the U.S. government once and for all."—unsigned editorial, "Pollard Should Be Only the Beginning," New Solidarity, March 16, 1987.

"Henry Kissinger, since the early 1950s, has been a British agent and traitor to the United States. Kissinger subverted the U.S., attempted to destroy its political institutions and government, and worked to undermine the power of the U.S. economy."—Costas Kalimtgis, "Expel Britain's Kissinger for Treason," New Solidarity, Feb. 14, 1978.

"Kissinger Mafia Pollutes the Holy Land," New Solidarity headline, 1978.

Jews as exploiters in gentile society:

"Milton Friedman Finally Gets His Pound of Flesh," New Solidarity headline, May 3, 1985. [Reference is to the noted University of Chicago economist.]

"So, a British agent by the name of George Soros [U.S. financier of Hungarian Jewish descent—DK], a man of very unpleasant antecedents, in terms of his personal history and practices, together with a few other hedge funds, all centered around London, but largely operating on the basis of drug-money laundering.. .targeted Myanmar, and Thailand, and, also, Malaysia..

So, this entire region of the world is about to blow up, for no good reason: because we allowed a bunch of speculators, thieves like George Soros, with the blessings of our Secretary of State [LaRouche is referring to Madeleine Albright who, like Soros, is from a Jewish refugee family], who, between dances, does some other terrible things, other exhibitions. When she goes to Israel, she dances the Hora. It's called a 'Hora show.' So, they got this Soros going.." [emphasis added] -- LaRouche, "How the top one percent of American citizens think," speech to conference of the Schiller Institute, Alexandria, Va., Jan. 17, 1998.

On 9/ll and Zionist plotters:

"It is.. .the IDF [Israeli Defense Force], which, as part of its war aims, has carried out an aggressive espionage and covert operations penetration of the U.S.A., including the recruitment of American-born assets. It is so far unknown, but strongly suspected, that some of these Israeli assets may have contributed an included feature of the rogue networks whose complicity abetted the successful attacks of Sept. 11."-- Jeffrey Steinberg and Edward Spannaus, "EIR Blows Israeli Spies' Cover in Sept. 11 Case," EIR, Dec. 28, 2001. [According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, Special Report No. 9, Sept 13, 2002 ("The Events of September 11 and the Arab Media: The New Antisemitic Myth"), Jeffrey Steinberg has appeared on Al-Jazeera and his articles "are regularly translated into Arabic by the Saudi daily Al-Watan."]

"This Israeli spy network inside the United States was unable to achieve their objective [war with Iraq] until President Bush was entrapped by the events of Sept. 11, 2001.. ..Lyndon LaRouche demands to know: Is this not the motive that explains the who and why of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001?" -- "The Pollard Affair Never Ended!" leaflet issued in 2002 by "LaRouche in 2004" (LaRouche's Democratic primary Presidential campaign committee).

"Among senior intelligence analysts.. .the fear is growing that Ariel Sharon is about to covertly launch a Sept. 11-type terrorist attack targeting the United States—in order to drag President Bush into war against Iraq..

One factor emboldening Sharon to attempt a 'made in Baghdad' or similar terror attack on U.S. soil or against American targets abroad, is the John Ashcroft-led coverup of the Israeli spy scandals that form an integral part of the events of Sept. 11, 2001"--

Jeffrey Steinberg, "Sharon in 9/11 War Provocation?" EIR press release, Aug. 28, 2002. On the "Straussian"(Zionist) influence on the Iraq war:

It is undeniable that a small group of Jewish neoconservative intellectuals at the Pentagon (mostly notably, Under Secretary Paul Wolfowitz) performed an important role in encouraging the Iraq war. However, LaRouche (for whom controversial Jews are meat and potatoes) played on the popular discontent over the war to concoct a conspiracy theory that vastly conflates the role of the neocons and depicts U.S. policy as having been taken over by a giant network of Zionist agents (called "Straussians" after a Jewish professor at the University of Chicago who died in 1973 but has subsequently become the Professor Moriarty of LaRouche's universe). The Straussians are said to be working as agents of the Israeli government and of the "British" (the oligarchy of mostly Jewish financiers operating out of London—see below). To the delight of LaRouche's Saudi friends, this conspiracy theory has achieved wide circulation in the U.S. media and probably represents the high point ever of LaRouche's influence on public opinion. Somewhere along the way, the proponents of this theory have forgotten that none of the top policy makers--Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-were Jewish nor were they "Straussians." But in the worldview of anti-Semites, the Jews are always invested with magical powers to cloud the minds of gentiles and turn them into puppets...

"Lyndon LaRouche reports that there is now firm evidence that the ongoing drive to induce President George W. Bush to launch a war against Iraq, is a 1996 Israeli government policy that is being foisted on the President by a nest of Israeli agents inside the U.S. government ..LaRouche demands an immediate Congressional investigation to help purge the U.S. government of this foreign intelligence apparatus..

From Perle and Feith, to others.. .the entire crew were among the leading suspected Israeli spies, tasking Jonathan Pollard to steal the most precious national security secrets of the U.S.A.. ..Isn't it time that these co-conspirators joined Jonathan Pollard behind bars? Isn't it time for President Bush to give these clowns a 'September Surprise'?" [emphasis added] From a leaflet entitled "The Pollard Affair Never Ended!" issued Sept. 8, 2002 by LaRouche's Democratic primary Presidential campaign committee.

"Now, Bush is not the source of the problem, he does not even know who he is. Nor are Cheney and Rumsfeld. they are just under the influence of the Leo Strauss types. the Frankfurt School fascists, many of whom could not become German fascists because they were Jewish, like Strauss, and went sent to the States. The people they produced, in the United States, then, are the ones who are now around Cheney, or Sharon—all of them are lackeys only, however, of the financier interests. ."--EIR press release, March 21, 2003, summarizing speech of LaRouche at Schiller Institute conference (attended by Jeremiah Duggan) in Bad Schwalbach, Germany.

"It's a secret society which is so enormous that it's hard to be secret..You now have four to five generations pumping out up to a hundred PhDs each, taking over academia,

taking over the governments. So they're all over the place. ."--Tony Papert (a top LaRouche aide), quoted in "A Dialogue About Leo Strauss, and the Effect of His Nihilist Philosophy Today," EIR, June 20, 2003.

"[T]he Straussians always recognize each other by this strange terminology of Strauss. It's like a Masonic handshake."--Tony Papert, ibid.

"The adherents of the so-called 'Wolfowitz cabal' ..are nothing less than 'an enemy within' the United States, a network that cuts across the Defense Department, the State Department, the White House, and the National Security Council..

The 'Wolfowitz cabal' is determined to push the United States in the direction of the most dangerous Israeli right-wing policy, including a possible Israeli nuclear attack on an Arab state.."—Michelle Steinberg, "'Wolfowitz Cabal' Is an Enemy Within U.S.," EIR, Oct. 26, 2001

"In Germany of the 1920s and 1930s, there were Jews who were Nazis, but who. .had no chance for party advancement because of Hitler's anti-Semitism; and so they chose to leave Germany, to purse more 'universal' fascist ideas and policies abroad, more particularly in the United States and Britain.

For Leo Strauss and his disciples, the ignoble lie—disinformation—was the key to achieving and holding political power..For Strauss and the Straussians, there were no universal principles, no natural law, no virtue, no agape [Christian love—DK], no notion of man in the living image of God."--Jeffrey Steinberg, "The 'Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's Deadly Iraq War," EIR, April 18, 2003.

"[T]his cabal of Strauss disciples, along with an equally small circle of allied neo- conservative and Likudnik fellow-travellers, has operated as an underground network, in and around government, for the past 30 years—awaiting the moment of opportunity to launch their not-so-silent coup." Ibid.

"Kabbalism in Annapolis," subhead in Papert, "The Secret Kingdom of Leo Strauss," EIR, April 18, 2003, discussing Strauss's allegedly evil influence at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. [The reference is to the Kabbalah, a system of Jewish mysticism devised during the middle ages.]

"Children of Satan"—title of a 2003 LaRouche Presidential campaign brochure attacking the Straussians. The LaRouche organization claims to have passed out hundreds of thousands of copies.

On the evil oligarchical species:

On the American far right, there is a major conspiratorial theme, dating back to the 19th century, that mixes anti-Semitism and Anglophobia and contends that the British Royal family's intermarriage with Jews resulted in the Rothschild family's exerting total control over the financial centre called the City of London, which in turn is alleged to control world finance. The theory was also picked up by the German Nazis and can be seen in Hitler's Mein Kampf as well as in writings by other Nazi leaders.

LaRouche puts this conspiracist tradition upfront in his propaganda and ideology. According to his pseudo-history of the world, the "oligarchy" moved its headquarters from Venice to London in the 17th century, used its wealth to become the dominant force in the British empire, and has engaged in a variety of fiendish attempt to control the rest of the world and ultimately to kills off the majority of people on this planet and usher in a New Dark Age. LaRouche writes:

"The British monarchy is best viewed as the rallying point for an assemblage of oligarchical families, both British and Commonwealth nations, and also strata of the allied oligarchical families of Europe. These oligarchic families, together with their most trusted political servants, gather around and behind the screen of the powers and privilege of the British monarchy. Through such and related means, and through the vast networks of influence they have developed among many nations over recent centuries, these combined forces control and deploy one of the most powerful forces on earth, and the most efficiently evil force existing today."—LaRouche, "Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites," The Campaigner, May-June 1978, p.10.

LaRouche identified the "British" oligarchy (which naturally has a branch on Wall Street) as the chief enemy of humanity in the late 1970s and has never wavered from this conviction. He and his followers have attempted to ridicule the idea that "British" is a code word for Jewish, but the proof is in LaRouche's own publications. In 1978, the LaRouche newspaper New Solidarity, in tirades against the "British" oligarchy made frequent references to "Zionist-British" agents and even let slip the crypto-Nazi term "Zionist-British organism" (emphasis added); but even without such phraseology the meaning of the term is clear. For instance, LaRouche writes:

"The policy-shaping kernel of the enemy forces centered in the British monarchy is a group of private banking families.. .These are notably the family interests of the Lazard Brothers, Barings, N.M. Rothschild, Hill Samuel, and other small private banking houses."—LaRouche, "Anti-Dirigism Is British Tory Propaganda," New Solidarity, Feb. 3, 1978.

In the same article, LaRouche carefully defined "Britain" as meaning "these same families' interest." All the named families are Jewish, except for the Barings (and in anti- Semitic lore, the Barings are regarded as being of Jewish descent). LaRouche goes on in the same article to enumerate a long list of key institutions in Britain said to be controlled by "these same families." In LaRouche's conspiracy theory, the Anglican Church, the Free Masons, Fabian socialism, and Freudian psychotherapy are all oligarchical-Jewish tools for controlling the Christian majority.

To drive home the very point to his followers that he would deny to outsiders, LaRouche illustrated one of his articles on the "British" conspiracy with a large Star of David. At the top is Queen Elizabeth, flanked by Henry Kissinger and the economist Milton Friedman (the very individuals who were being utilized most frequently at the time as symbolic evil Jews in LaRouchian publications). [See "Mickey Mouse & Pluto Move to Washington," New Solidarity, Oct. 17, 1978.]

Although LaRouche sometimes mentions British gentile aristocrats apart from the Jews, there can be no doubt that he believes the Jews to be the dominant partners in the oligarchy. In "The Zoo Called 'The House of Lords'" (New Solidarity, Dec. 29, 1978), LaRouche raved against the British aristocracy and the Windsor family. He described them as feeble-minded products of inbreeding and a "bestial" mode of education. The net result is a pathetic group incapable of ruling anyone or taking any initiative in a world conspiracy unless one hypothesizes a hidden hand controlling and directing them. The giveaway in this article comes when LaRouche refers to how the British "have taken over commercial sports as well as Hollywood, magazines and most TV in the United States." This is a stereotypical accusation against American Jews, not English aristocrats, and is frequently used in the United States by black nationalists and neo-Nazis.

The above examples stem from the late 1970s, when LaRouche was less guarded in his terminology. Nevertheless, the British equals Jewish equation has continued to play a prominent role in LaRouchian propaganda throughout the past quarter century. The 1994 pamphlet, "Why the British Kill American Presidents," discusses the alleged involvement of Jews and Jewish-linked entities in a long series of assassination plots against American presidents from Lincoln to Clinton. For instance the murder of President James Garfield in 1881 is blamed on "Disraeli's 'Venetian Party'" in league with the "Rothschild- Morgan syndicate." The pamphlets includes a chart with Conrad Black's Hollinger Corporation at the top with downward arrows to suggest central control of the Rothschilds, the Bronfmans, Henry Kissinger and assorted British aristocrats.

A 1997 EIR article alleges a "British" plot to blow up the Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As in the alleged plot to kill Clinton, the guiding figures are "the constellation of interests centered in the British-Canadian Hollinger Corp." The article also fingers "British casino operator Cyril Stein" and "California casino operator Irving Moskowitz, who is the primary patron of both [Israeli prime minister] Netanyahu and the terrorist sects." - Joseph Brewda, "London is haven for global terrorism," EIR, Nov. 21, 1997. Other EIR articles from recent years include such titles as "Direct British Control of the U.S. Media" (an obvious reference to Jews), "War on the British, or How to Save the Economy" and the pamphlet, "Defeat Britain's Terror War Against the U.S.A.!"

An "Anglo-Dutch" variation (apparently referring to the fact that the Sephardic Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition to the Netherlands before entering England in the 17th century) was expressed by LaRouche in a 1998 speech at a Schiller Institute/ICLC conference (printed as "How the top one percent of American citizens think," EIR, January 17, 1998). In this speech, LaRouche used biological analogies and charges of cosmopolitanism similar to those employed by Hitler's Nazis:

"The governments of Europe became quasi-nations, which had a financier oligarchy of the Anglo-Dutch type, squatting on top of them, sucking the blood out of them, with this financial usury of various forms, while, underneath you had people in Europe who were struggling to develop a nation-state form.

So. You had a symbiosis between the host and its parasite. The parasite, the financier oligarchy; the host the national economy, the people who produce things, the real inventors.."

Finally, we should note that LaRouche's web sites are saturated with articles attacking the supposed British-Jewish oligarchy, often using easily recognizable allusions to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. At LaRouche's American Almanac site, we are greeted by such headings from the 1990s as "Venice—The Oligarchical System," "Venice: The Methodology of Evil," "Venice Moves North—the Metamorphosis of England," "How the Venetians Took Over England and Created Freemasonry," "How the Venetian System Was Transplanted into England," and "How the Venetian Virus Infected and Took Over England." (This should make clear the reference in Why the British Kill American Presidents to Britain's great Jewish prime minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) as the leader of the "Venetian Party.")

On Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain:

"During 1939-41, there was a sound and intense German nationalist enthusiasm in Germany for defeating Britain.."—LaRouche, "Hitler: Runaway British Agent," New Solidarity, Jan. 10, 1978.

"England was then, as now, the enemy of continental Europe, including the German nation." Ibid.

On the differences between oligarchs and human beings:

In Dialectical Economics (1975) LaRouche portrayed the capitalist system as a battleground between industrialists and usurers, and stated suggestively that the two classes are "primarily distinguished by methods appropriate to the differentiation of biological species." By 1978 LaRouche was asserting that the financier oligarchy was in fact a genetically separate species incapable of assimilating higher spiritual truths. "They are clever animals, who are the masters of the wicked nature of their own species, and recognize ferally the distinctions of the hated human species."—LaRouche, "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites," The Campaigner, May-June 1978. Furthermore, they are the avowed enemies of the "entire human species" and "shamelessly declare war on the human species."—LaRouche, "How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism," New Solidarity, Feb. 17, 1978.

On the biology of the "Straussians ":

"Was that behavior of Professor Leo Strauss, to which I referred above, actually human, or a product of some kind of 'reversed cultural evolution,' into becoming something less than human?

Who, then, is really human? Should we not recognize that Professor Strauss, Allan Bloom, and their Rumsfeld-Cheney-linked Chicken-hawk followers were, and are collectively insane: human beings who. have reverted to forms of human behavior which are essentially unnatural, forming, in effect, a type of pseudo-human species? They have become equivalent to a species whose very existence is morally, and functionally worse than that of naturally determined lower forms of life."—LaRouche, "Insanity as Geometry: Rumsfeld as 'Strangelove II,'" March 26, 2003, issued by LaRouche's 2004 campaign committee. This Hitler style racialist rant against Jews in the Bush administration was dated only one day before the mysterious death of Jewish student Jeremiah Duggan.

On LaRouche as humanity's savior from the alien species:

LaRouche portrays the biological struggle as a relentless personal contest between himself and the top oligarchs. Their "inner circles," he says, recognize him as "the ancient and feared adversary of their own evil species" and as their "potential destroyer." When they see the influence of his work, "they tense, growling such phrases as 'potential danger,' 'more dangerous than Hitler,' 'kill it before it succeeds in gaining a real foothold in shaping events.'"--LaRouche, "The Elite That Can't Think Straight," EIR, Oct. 17, 1978.

On the unfinished task of World War Two:

"Let us speedily expedite the urgently necessary task of freeing humanity from the grasp of that specific form of lower life before we are destroyed by them or enslaved by them. Let us joyfully ensure that the representatives of the British system are destroyed so that humanity might live and prosper under the political conditions appropriate to the development of actual human beings.

Those of us who should know better have been tolerant of such creatures for far longer than has been good for the rest of us. Let us, with ruthlessness, ensure that the job is done correctly now."—Christopher R. White, The Noble Family, Campaigner Special Report No. 11, 1978.

Written Dennis King 2007.



LaRouche, Antisemitism, and German Memory

Submitted by Chip Berlet 3/31/2008

The international network run by "notorious antisemite" Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. is a major contemporary source of antisemitic and neofascist propaganda.1 Some of this material is promoted by the LaRouchite Schiller Institute, with a major office in Wiesbaden, Germany. Other offices exist in the United States, "Australia, Canada, Russia, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, [and] Peru." The Institute claims "a growing influence in Asia, Africa and the Middle East."2

The basic worldview of the LaRouchites is that there exists a global sinister conspiracy stretching back to Jewish intellectuals and rabbis during the time of the Babylonian exile; through Venetian Jewish "merchant-userers;" to British plutocratic elites in league with Jewish banking families.

A review of thousands of pages of LaRouchite literature published over several decades reveals that the LaRouchites' allegations of a conspiratorial plot echo classic anti-Jewish claims published by both well-known and obscure antisemites; including German Nazi propagandists. In an attempt to hide the antisemitic roots of LaRouchite theories, the group has developed a coded language. Breaking the code is not difficult—it is the same masked language of bigotry that has been used before.


The Enemy as the "Children of Satan"

In 2002 the LaRouche campaign issued a press release titled "Israeli Moles Behind 911 and Iraq War," claiming Israeli government policies had been "foisted on the President by a nest of Israeli agents inside the U.S. government."3 That this "Israeli spy network inside the United States" 4 was related to the policy formulations of the group of Bush advisers known as the neoconservatives was made clear later when the LaRouchites began issuing a series of pamphlets with the running title "Children of Satan."

The magazine-style publications have glossy color covers, and are produced in print runs as high as 400,0005 and distributed on street corners and college campuses across the United States. One title in the series is The Beast-Men.6 The text of the series links Bush and Cheney with the political faction of U.S. neoconservatives in language that discusses the role of Jewish intellectuals and Jewish political advisers in stereotypic ways. But there is more to indicate the publications are bigoted in the choice of language.

According to Professor Andrew Gow, a historian with expertise in relations between Christians and Jews, the phrase "Children of Satan" is rooted in a historic text found in the Bible's Book of Revelation: "the blasphemy of them which say they are

Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan."7 "It has turned up in Christian rhetoric ever since," says Gow, who studies the history of the Medieval and Reformation periods in Europe, especially popular antisemitic beliefs.

The phrase "Children of Satan" is often used in stories that blame Jews for killing Jesus Christ, or to suggest Jews are deceitful and plotting local crimes and global subversion. Claims about Jews as the "children of Satan" today are most prevalent as a core tenet of the aberrant Christian Identity religion adopted by White Supremacist groups such as Aryan Nations.

Interpreting this passage in the book of Revelation as referring directly to contemporary Jews as "children of Satan" is questionable at best and has been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church and major Protestant denominations, explains Gow.

Gow notes that the phrase "Beast-Men:"

...on the one hand suggests animality and bestiality, part of the 19th-century and Nazi discourse about the relative nearness to the animal kingdom of certain types of people, (especially Africans)... but there is also the echo of the very old apocalyptic figure of the Beast from the Abyss, also from Revelation, along with the Number of the Beast [666]...with which the followers of Antichrist will be marked.

"The use of such language does not need to quote Scripture or medieval/Christian tradition explicitly or even consciously," says Gow, because "the echoes of the King James version of the Book of Revelation ping around inside the heads of all westerners." Therefore "the use of such language taps latent patterns of recognition and sources of authority to authorize and authenticate such claims."8

So the LaRouchites are creating an echo chamber. On the one hand, millions of publications have been distributed that teach antisemitic rhetoric and allegations without mentioning Jews directly; while on the other hand those who are already antisemitic nod and because they assume LaRouche is really talking about the Jews, and can use LaRouche literature as a way to recruit others into more overt antisemitism. This is true whether or not the continued use of antisemitic language is intentional. In addition to print publications, the LaRouchites also maintain a significant presence on the Internet, and supporters continuously rewrite the online Wikipedia encyclopedia entries to sanitize LaRouchite antisemitism and other bigotry.

Embracing the Protocols - Denying the Holocaust

In 1978 LaRouche stated that there was "a hard kernel of truth," in the antisemitic hoax document, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion9 That same year the LaRouchites published the first edition of their book Dope, Inc., which was subtitled Britain's Opium War against the U.S. The book cited the Protocols, stating:

The Order of Zion was simply the Jewish division of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the London- centered chivalric order and secret society, whose members swear—and act on—a blood oath. A secret meeting in Paris in 1884 yielded the famous minutes of the Order, published under the title, Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

This alleged Jewish conspiracy was then tied into the assassination of Lincoln, the Rothschild banking family, the freemasons, the B'nai B'rith, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Mafia.10 Dope, Inc. purported to expose the roots of a global drug trade supposedly run by the British royal family (including the Queen of England) and a nest of financiers controlled by the Rothschilds. The LaRouchite book included a chart showing the alleged role of the Rothschilds in the global conspiracy, along with mentions of the Rothschild family on over 20 pages of text.11 Subsequent editions dropped the mention of the Protocols and the subtitle about Britain.

In 1978, LaRouche penned a newspaper article in which he asserted that only 1.5 million Jews died during the Nazi genocide during World War II.12

Jewish Venetian Usurers

According to the LaRouchites, the conspiracy of "merchant-userers" from ancient times later operated from Venice, the Netherlands, and finally Britain. LaRouche himself traces the grand conspiracy back to the Jewish leader Ezra during the time of the Babylonian captivity:

From Ezra onwards, and even before, Hebrewism was an assimilationist doctrine developed to provide special juridical status (and ideological self-image) for a caste of merchant- userers within a pre-capitalist society.13

In 1981 one of LaRouche's key analysts, Webster Tarpley, delivered an Easter Sunday speech at a LaRouchite Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany, where he said that during "one and one-half millennia of Venetian continuity" the Venetian "oligarchical families" used governments as "their stooge."14

In the Middle Ages the Venetians were known as the archetypes of the parasite, the people who "neither sow nor reap." For the Greeks, they were the hated "frogs of the marshes." In Germany, a folk tale describes the merchant of Venice as an aged Pantaloon who makes his rounds robbing men of their human hearts and leaving a cold stone in their place. 15

Venice can best be thought of as a kind of conveyor belt,

transporting the Babylonian contagions of decadent antiquity


smack dab into the world of modern states.16

This speech, in Germany with the memory of the Holocaust fading, invokes the central premise of the parasitic conspiring Jew found in the antisemitic Protocols. It

certainly would have resonated on Easter Sunday in Germany with anyone who still harbored notions of the Jews as the Killers of Christ. writing in Fidelio, the magazine of the Schiller Institute, Tarpley wrote in 1995 that:

The British royal family of today typifies the Venetian Party, and continues the outlook and methods of an oligarchical faction which can be traced far back into the ancient world. Oligarchs identify wealth purely in money, and practice usury, monetarism, and looting at the expense of technological advancement and physical production.17

The German Nazi publication World Service offered a similar analysis in a 1940 article entitled "How Jewry Turned England into a Plutocratic State":

...the destinies of Jewry and the British Empire are bound up in each other, inseparably bound, by what has become a Jewish-British Plutocracy.18


LaRouchite literature is antisemitic because it incorporates historic antisemitic conspiracy theories into a broader grand design. It also contains echoes of the medieval "blood libel" and other false allegations casting Jews in the role of parasitic subversives and conspiring criminals undermining wholesome society and seeking global domination.

That the LaRouchite grand conspiracy includes alleged evil-doers who are not Jewish does make it any less antisemitic since it incorporates antisemitic and anti-Jewish allegations and calumnies that stretch back over 2000 years.

For Germany to continue to ignore the fact that a major international antisemitic propaganda enterprise run by the LaRouchites has a major base on German soil, once again raises question about the memory of the Nazi Genocide. Germans have an historic obligation to act on that memory, and in the past have done so repeatedly. Why the LaRouchites are not subject to the same moral outrage deserves a full public discussion.





Historic Antisemitic Conspiracist Texts

Selected texts published prior to the publication of the LaRouchite grand conspiracy theory:

1899, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. 1903-1912, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, various editions and versions. 1918-22, Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West. 1919, Nesta H. Webster, The French Revolution.

1920-1922, Henry Ford and the Dearborn Independent newspaper, The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem, Vol. 1-4.

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1921, Nesta H. Webster, World Revolution: The Plot against Civilization.

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1925-1927, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

1930, Alfred Rosenberg, The Myth of the Twentieth Century.

1934, Elizabeth Dilling, The Red Network: A "Who's Who " and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots.

1935, Rev. Denis Fahey, The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World.

1936, Elizabeth Dilling , The Roosevelt Red Record and its Background. 1938 (circa), Rev. Denis Fahey, The Rulers of Russia.

1938, Anonymous, The Reign of the Elders (Gold, Gold, Gold).

1940, World Service, "How Jewry turned England into a Plutocratic State."

1940, Elizabeth Dilling (writing as Rev. Frank Woodruff Johnson), The Octopus.

1940, Cincinnatus (anonymous pseudonym), War, War, War.

1944, Rev. Denis Fahey, Money Manipulation and Social Order.

1946, E.C. Knuth, Empire of "The City": A Basic History of International Power Politics.

1948, Francis Parker Yockey (writing as Ulick Varange), Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics.

1952, Eustace Mullins, Mullins on the Federal Reserve.

1966, Bertrand L. Comparet, Merchants of Babylon.



Chip Berlet is Senior Analyst at Political Research Associates in Somerville, MA, USA. The views expressed here are his own. A revised and expanded version of this study is online at:





The LaRouche Network:

A History of Intimidation
By Chip Berlet

This research paper was prepared at the request of Mrs. Erica Duggan to assist her in understanding the context of the death of her son, Jeremiah, who had been attending a LaRouche network conference in Germany.


The worldwide network controlled by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. has a long history of violence, physical assaults, intimidation, psychological manipulation, emotional blackmail, and harassment. The LaRouche network is a totalitarian political organization that operates through a variety of front groups, with detailed reports from the field constantly being sent back to the worldwide headquarters in the United States. Incidents perceived as security threats to the organization, or its leadership, are dealt with quickly and aggressively. It is likely that Jeremiah Duggan was perceived as just such a security threat. Given the history of the LaRouche network, the possibility that persons connected to the LaRouche network subjected Jeremiah Duggan to extreme emotional pressure or physical intimidation could reasonably be investigated as a potential factor in his death. Communications among the various LaRouche network groups regarding the Jeremiah Duggan incident, and interviews with those who spoke with him in Germany, might provide important details as to his actual treatment.

What is the LaRouche Network?

The LaRouche network is a small yet energetic totalitarian organization with a fascist political ideology. It maintains outposts worldwide. It began in the late 1960s in New York City in the United States as the labor committee of the radical left group Students for a Democratic Society. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. was an older "adviser" to the students; and after a series of altercations, led his followers into a break-away group called the National Caucus of Labor Committees.

Like other political demagogues before him, LaRouche moved across the political spectrum from left to right, ending up supporting a plan to build the working class through rapid industrialization and the remolding of the psyche of his followers into a heroic new consciousness-- a totalitarian plan almost identical to that proposed by Mussolini in pre-World War II fascist Italy. The concept of taking political ideas and turning them into a sacred struggle as part of a totalitarian political movement is discussed by professor Emilio Gentile of the University "La Sapienza" in Rome in his book The Sacralization of Politics in Fascist Italy. [1]

The LaRouche network operates through a variety of front groups, including the Schiller Institute, the FDR Political Action Committee, the Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement and its online training school Academy 2004. The LaRouche network publishes numerous publications, including the New Federalist newspaper; Fidelio magazine; Twenty-First Century Science & Technology magazine; and Executive Intelligence Review magazine.

Dangerous Dynamics

The LaRouche network combines totalitarian forms of social control, fascist political ideology, and a dualistic apocalyptic style, which encourages followers to fear that time is running out and they must act immediately to stave off some cataclysmic event. According to professor Roger Griffin of Oxford Brookes University, at the heart of fascism is "a revolutionary form of nationalism, one that sets out to be a political, social and ethical revolution, welding the 'people' into a dynamic national community under new elites infused with heroic values. The core myth that inspires this project is that only a populist, trans-class movement of purifying, cathartic national rebirth (palingenesis) can stem the tide of decadence." [2] One way to understand palingenesis is to see it as a version of dualistic apocalyptic belief in which there is an intractable struggle between absolute good and absolute evil. [3]


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online at

A central goal of fascism is to construct a totalitarian state. [4] Philosopher and political analyst Hannah Arendt argued that Nazism and Stalinism were examples of totalitarian systems that gained state power. [5] Fascist movements in their stage as a political movement do not have state power, yet they still seek to enforce total control over every aspect of a person's life--political, social, and cultural--in order to reshape the individual and unify the society. Arendt discusses how totalitarian movements are built around a central fiction of a powerful conspiracy, (in the case of the Nazis, a conspiracy of Jews which planned to dominate the world) which requires a secretive counter-conspiracy be organized. Totalitarian groups organize the counter-conspiracy in a hierarchical manner that mimics the levels of membership and rituals of social and religious secret societies.

When combined in a in a political or social movement the elements of totalitarianism, fascism, and apocalyptic or palingenetic fervor, create a demand for absolute obedience by followers, and the demonization of all opponents as so evil that they must be exposed and stopped by any means necessary.

Among the means used by the LaRouche network are illegal activities. In the 1980s LaRouche followers were pressured into using inappropriate coercive tactics to raise funds from gullible investors and donors, especially elderly persons. Funds were improperly handled, transferred, converted, and recorded. As a result, LaRouche and several of his top aides were convicted of crimes. Charges included tax fraud, failure to file proper tax returns, and illegal securities transactions and fundraising practices. LaRouche spent several years in federal prison.


History of Intimidation

Apocalyptic dualism within a totalitarian organization creates a situation where demagogic leaders constantly harass followers, urging them to devote more and more time, energy, and money to the cause. The enemy is demonized as not just wholly evil, but on the brink of causing some catastrophe to the idealized society. Only the followers can stop the catastrophe through heroic action. This is the applied form of the concept of palingenesis as it is practiced in an apocalyptic and totalitarian political or social movement.

An early example of this in the LaRouche movement was Operation Mop-up, a







project that ran from May to September of 1973. LaRouche followers were told that in order to stop the world from destruction, they had to first crush their critics in the Communist Party and Socialist Workers Party. So squads of young intellectuals who had dropped out of college to join the LaRouche group were sent into meetings to physically attack their rivals. There were numerous injuries, some requiring hospitalization. Opponents were chased through the streets by LaRouche followers brandishing sticks and bats and other weapons. Other acts of violence continued on into 1974. [6]

It was during this period that LaRouche began to warn of vast conspiracies and plots against him and his organization. LaRouche spent the summer and early fall of 1973 obsessed with his broken marriage, brooding over the humiliating betrayal, according to ex-members. His former aide in charge of operations in England, Christopher White, had run off with LaRouche's wife. Late in December, a revelation came to LaRouche. Christopher White had actually been secretly programmed by the KGB, with the aid of the MI5 division of British intelligence, to assassinate LaRouche himself--in retaliation for Operation Mop-Up's assaults on pro-Soviet Communist groups. Further, the CIA- jealous of LaRouche's success in uncovering a previous victim of KGB brainwashing-­had resolved either to kidnap LaRouche to extract his secret, or kill him itself to prevent his falling into Soviet hands. [7]

Only LaRouche possessed the intelligence and perception to uncover and foil this fiendish plot, and not surprisingly, he alone held the keys for the cure--in White's case, days of isolation and intense pressure from a battery of LaRouche inquisitors. White finally caved in and confessed to his alleged "psychosexual brainwashing" by the KGB/CIA/MI5 conspirators. Based on tape-recordings offered by LaRouche defenders as "proof," the New York Times later carried a harrowing account of this so-called "deprogramming" session. LaRouche's revenge was complete; White--who had taken his wife--had been reduced to a repentant, sobbing psychological wreck.

LaRouche lost no time in applying his cure. Any sign of restiveness or dissent on the part of his followers now became evidence of "brainwashing" by the KGB, the CIA, or both. Six fellow members held one young woman, attempting to quit what was rapidly becoming a totalitarian cult, prisoner in a New York apartment in an effort to "deprogram" her. She somehow managed to fold a plea for help into a paper airplane, sailing it out the window--where a passerby found it, and called the police.

On January 3, 1974, the day the six "deprogrammers" were arraigned, LaRouche gave a long, rambling and altogether extraordinary speech--later reprinted in his own newspaper New Solidarity--laying out his theory of how sinister forces had secretly kidnapped and brainwashed his followers. According to LaRouche, the methods used by the KGB and British Intelligence to brainwash the membership of his group caused fear of impotence and homosexuality to immobilize each member and thus destroy their capability to organize effectively.

This "brainwashing," LaRouche would come to believe, was orchestrated by the Tavistock Institute of London. To this day, members and potential recruits are confronted by organizational leaders with demands to get past their blocks to full commitment to the LaRouche cause. The assumption of the LaRouche leaders is that they have to reach deep into the psyche of all recruits and rip out the psychological blocks instilled by the sophisticated Tavistock brainwashing methods. In fact, what the LaRouche cadre are doing is a form of totalitarian psychological manipulation and vicious emotional blackmail that is popularly described as "brainwashing" by a "cult" group. While these terms are often brandished about carelessly, the concept of a political, religious, or social movement using "totalist" or totalitarian methods to tamper with the psyche of a targeted person has been studied and described by academics. [8]

According to author Dennis King, whose book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism is the primary published source on the LaRouche network, LaRouche and his followers also have a long history of attacking critics. "Every totalitarian movement needs a special cadre for secret, illegal, and often violent activities," wrote King. Inside the LaRouche network this apparatus became known simply as "Security," and it was begun in the early 1970s to organize Operation Mop Up and train LaRouche followers for self-defense. According to King, "In the wake of the Chris White affair,

Security took on the functions of an internal secret police." [9]

What followed was a campaign of harassment of critics and reporters that included a range of techniques. LaRouche warned reporter Jon Presstage in New Hampshire about asking tough questions or writing negative stories. After critical articles appeared anyway, the reporter found his family's three cats dead--one-by-one--on his doorstep on successive days. [10] Freelance reporter Russ Bellant arrived home one day after criticizing LaRouche to find his neighbors had been invited by flyer to his gay coming out party. Marcie Permut, a young researcher for NBC TV news in Chicago, had flyers passed out in the neighborhood where she and her parents lived. The flyers listed her home phone number and claimed she was a prostitute.

As the author of this document, I can personally report that while I was a journalist in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., I was told by police authorities that a person connected to the LaRouche organization had approached a person who was secretly a police informant inquiring about hiring him to tamper with the brakes of my car and the car of a Chicago Sun-Times reporter to warn us against writing further articles about the LaRouche network.

LaRouche also unsuccessfully sued me for defamation. The lawsuit named Dennis King, along with NBC News and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. King and I were severed from the case by an exasperated judge after LaRouche aides claimed King and I were plotting an assassination attempt on LaRouche while he was giving his deposition, and therefore LaRouche would refuse to attend his own deposition unless surrounded by armed guards. NBC News and the Anti-Defamation League went to trial on the case. The jury returned a verdict affirming that calling LaRouche a cult leader, an antisemite, and a "small-time Hitler" was not defamatory.

The most recent public account of the intimidation and manipulation of LaRouche recruits appeared in a California student newspaper at Pasadena City College in 2001. [11] Reporter Matthew Robinson wrote the following account:

Philip Mullendore, chief of campus police, reported that they get complaints on regular basis from students about LaRouche recruits harassing them in the quad. Others complain of repeated

phone calls, urging them to attend a meeting. Many students who attend those meetings end up dropping out of school and devoting their lives to LaRouche.

"We have documented several incidents of aggressive tactics by this group and we monitor them very closely," said Mullendore.

The mother of an 18-year-old student who was lured into the cult complained to campus police that the LaRouche group had taken over her son's life.

In the article, a student (called Tom as a pseudonym) who dropped out of school to join the LaRouche network, described the pressures he experienced:

Once you start listening, you'll hear over and over that LaRouche is the solution to every problem in the world. They'll ask, "Do you want children in Africa to starve?" Of course you don't, so they convince you that you have to come to a meeting. They repeatedly tell you if you don't come to the meeting, you must want the world to starve. So you go to the meeting," he said.

One of the hallmarks of the LaRouche organization is to turn you against your family, Tom said. They tell you that "family values are really immoral, they are only in place to keep you from getting political. They say that the baby-boomers are evil and are corrupted by the British neo-liberal banking establishment, but it's not their fault.

"The more you are around these people, the more they turn you against your parents and your friends. "They want you to try and recruit your friends. "What they tell you if your friends resist is they are" blocked," and you should just leave them behind. They are not worth it. They ask what's more important, your friends or the world?" Soon you see yourself as someone who can actually change the world and you really do see your friends and family as obstacles.

Tom moved out of his parent's house and moved to Glendale. The organization paid his rent, phone bill, and all his utilities. He also got $50 a week for food.

Once you alienate your family and let the group support you, you've got nowhere else to go, Tom said.

According to the article, Tom emphasized that LaRouche is not particularly dangerous on a worldwide level,"but on a personal level, such as manipulating your thoughts and your psyche, he is lethal."

Anglophobia and Antisemitism

As LaRouche moved his political movement to the right of the political spectrum, he and his followers began to incorporate historic antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jewish power. [12] Writing under the pen name Lyn Marcus, LaRouche wrote:

"Judaism is not a true religion, but only a half-religion, a curious appendage and sub-species of Christianity."

"Judaism is ideological abstraction of the secular life of Christianity's Jew, the Roman merchant-usurer who had not yet evolved to the state of Papal enlightenment, a half-Christian, who had not developed a Christian conscience."

"Judaism is the religion of a caste of subjects of Christianity, entirely molded by ingenious rabbis to fit into the ideological and secular life of Christianity. In short, a self- sustaining Judaism never existed and never could exist. As for Jewish culture otherwise, it is merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim." [13]

There were several high-profile early leaders of the LaRouche movement with Jewish heritage. They were forced to adopt the antisemitic conspiracy theories, but some later left the group in protest. Others remained active, such as Jeffrey Steinberg, author of articles claiming a British conspiracy including "Scandals Shake British Throne," and "Prince Phillip's Eco-Terrorists Make Death Threats vs. Clinton, Chirac." [14] The type of anglophobia in Steinberg's articles is interwoven with antisemitism in other LaRouche publications. This is not a new combination. Linking the British royal family and London financial interests with Jewish intrigue has a long history. A key example is E. C. Knuth's 1944 tract The Empire of "The City": alias International Finance, alias the British Empire, alias "ONE WORLD" superstate. [15]

According to Knuth, Jewish banking families such as the Rothschilds and Sassoons manipulated the British economy and various financial institutions including the

International Monetary Fund. The LaRouche conspiracy theory is a variation on this theme. In one editorial a LaRouche publication claimed, "Zionism is that state of collective psychosis through which London manipulates most of international Jewry." [16] In recent years the coded antisemitism has often appeared in the form of claims that Jewish organizations including the Anti-Defamation League or the B'nai B'rith are part of the vast secret conspiracy. [17]

In the LaRouche networks' conspiracy theories the plot for world control is run by the financial center of the City of London, elements of the royal family, MI5, the Tavistock Institute, and powerful Jewish interests. A search of several LaRouche-related websites reveals that conspiracy theories about the Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Clinic continue to appear in LaRouche publications. In a 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, Jeffrey Steinberg claims critics of LaRouche are part of:

[The] stable of "Reesian psychiatric shock troops" (after the British Tavistock Institute's Dr. John Rawlings Rees) [who] operate in tandem with a number of known terrorist and mercenary-for-hire agencies, which at one time constituted perhaps the largest professional kidnapping ring in modern American history. Those kidnapping operations have often intersected the activities of criminalized segments of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community, and this complication allowed some members of the criminal enterprise to escape prosecution. [18]

In the United States, the LaRouche network conspiracy theory is extended to include the neoconservative movement and its leaders such as Paul Wolfowitz and others with substantial influence in the Republican Bush administration. These Republican strategists are called the "Children of Satan" in LaRouche publications. [19] This echoes the historic antisemitic claim that Jews are agents of Satan. [20]

This explains why LaRouche runs for president on the Democratic Party ticket and denounces the Republicans. His criticism of conservatives actually comes from the fascist right, but he can package it as a populist protest against corrupt elites that is attractive to some on the political left—especially antiwar students opposed to unilateral U.S. military action around the world.

The Jeremiah Duggan Incident

Given that the LaRouche network is a totalitarian group with fascist ideology and an apocalyptic dualist worldview, the incident involving Jeremiah Duggan can be seen in a different context.

The first reaction to Jeremiah Duggan's concern that some of the antiwar rhetoric at the German antiwar conference was antisemitic likely would be to pressure him into conforming to the expectation of recruits to drop their family, religious, or ethnic allegiances and embrace the LaRouche worldview unquestioningly. Failing that, the next likely approach would be to pressure Jeremiah Duggan into confessing he was a secret agent for the Tavistock Institute. This latter claim at first glance appears simply bizarre, but the explanation is rooted in the LaRouche conspiracy view of history detailed above.

It is likely that LaRouche Security went on alert as soon as Jeremiah Duggan announced he was Jewish and concerned about the rhetoric he found to be antisemitic. Given the history of inappropriate overreaction by LaRouche Security forces to critics, it is likely that they would seek to interview Jeremiah Duggan at the earliest possible moment. Given the history of aggressive behaviour on the part of LaRouche Security forces, it is quite possible and even likely that Jeremiah Duggan was subjected to extreme emotional pressure or physical intimidation.

I respectfully submit this research paper as a plain English affidavit of fact, and swear under penalty of law that the above is truthful and accurate to the best of my ability.

2 November 2003

Chip Berlet (John F. Berlet} Political Research Associates 1310 Broadway, Suite 201 Somerville, Massachusetts, United States of America


About the Author:

Chip Berlet is senior analyst at Political Research Associates, a progressive think tank in the Boston area. As a journalist his byline has appeared in numerous publications including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Nation, and the Progressive. Although his roots are in the alternative press, starting in the 1990s, Berlet began writing scholarly work examining apocalyptic social movements, scapegoating, and fascism. He has been invited to present papers at annual meetings of the International Sociological Association and the American Sociological Association (ASA), and is listed as an expert in an ASA publication on Hate Crime in America. He is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors and spent several years on the advisory board of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University. He is currently working on an article on fascist movements and apocalypticism for the international journal Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions.

Berlet is a contributing editor for the Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements with articles on "Apocalypse," "Conspiracism," "Demagogues," "Demonization," "Populism," and "Totalitarianism," among others. He has also contributed articles to the Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism, the Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment, and the forthcoming Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia.

Berlet is co-author (with Matthew N. Lyons) of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort, (New York: Guilford Press, 2000). He edited Eye's Right!: Challenging the Right Wing Backlash, (Boston, South End Press, 1995). Both books were recipients of the Gustavus Myers Center Award for outstanding scholarship on the subject of human rights and intolerance in North America.

Selected Relevant Writing:

Chip Berlet. Forthcoming. "When Alienation Turns Right: Populist Conspiracism, the Apocalyptic Style, and Neofascist Movements." In Lauren Langman & Devorah Kalekin Fishman, Trauma, Promise, and the Millennium: The Evolution of Alienation. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

______  . (2001). "Hate Groups, Racial Tension and Ethnoviolence in an Integrating

Chicago Neighborhood 1976-1988." In Betty A. Dobratz, Lisa K. Walder, and Timothy Buzzell, eds., The Politics of Social Inequality, Vol. 9, pp. 117-163.

______ . (1998). "Y2K and Millennial Pinball: How Y2K Shapes Survivalism in the

US Christian Right, Patriot and Armed Militia Movements, and Far Right." Paper presented at the annual symposium, Center for Millennial Studies, Boston University.

______ . (1998). "Mad as Hell: Right-wing Populism, Fascism, and Apocalyptic

Millennialism." Paper presented at the 14th World Congress of Sociology (XIVe Congres Mondial de Sociologie), International Sociological Association, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

______ . (1997). "Fascism's Franchises: Stating the Differences from Movement to

Totalitarian Government." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting, American Sociological Association, Toronto, Canada.

______ . (1996). "Three Models for Analyzing Conspiracist Mass Movements of the

Right," in Eric Ward, ed., Conspiracies: Real Grievances, Paranoia, and Mass Movements. Seattle: Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment [PB Publishing].

______ . (1995). "The Violence of Right-Wing Populism." Peace Review, Vol. 7,

Nos. 3 & 4, pp. 283-288. Oxford: Journals Oxford, Ltd.



Is the LaRouche organisation left or right? Extreme left or extreme right?

In fact it is neither left nor right per se, it doesn't fit with our terms of reference, those

of a democratic society.

When they were Trotskyites, the Trotskyites didn't accept them as Trotskyites, same with communists, same with extreme right wing, conservatives (US), democrats (US) or neo-Nazis etc... It is a political chameleon. They advance "masked". BECAUSE this is NOT a political organization, it is a cult that uses politics for its own ends, a political cult. It is totalitarian by nature (LaRouche would say "authoritarian"). The closest representation of its way of thinking is George Orwell's "1984". For the LaRouche cult, politics is not just "war-like", it IS a war, a perpetual war between Oceania and Eurasia, or between Eurasia and Oceania etc, a war against the enemies of Mankind and Civilisation, the enemies of LaRouche. These enemies are "exposed" by LaRouche by his obsessive and wild "conspiracy-theories". The world is about to be plunged at any time into the abysses of a "new dark ages", a World War 3, etc. Their clock always shows "one minute to midnight" for the last thirty-five years [21] and LaRouche (a self-professed economist) has "predicted" a world financial crash nearly every year. for the last thirty-five years! They believe that "saving the world" is the End of the organisation. It is not. It is only a mean to manipulate people (keep them busy) and create a cult of worshipping LaRouche, so that he would be "immortalised". The worse thing that could happen to them is to be elected!



Of course much of their political platform is attractive; they are antiwar, pro-third World, against drugs, in defence of science and investment in infrastructure and high technologies, in defence of humanism (for a new "Italian renaissance") or for classical music (Beethoven, Mozart). But that's how they catch people's interest, like Jeremiah Duggan, their latest victim. The real face of LaRouche is somewhat different and more sinister. In the mid 70s they campaigned against Rockefeller, calling him a "fascist with a democratic face". LaRouche could be labelled as a "fascist with a humanist face"..

However, their political operations are real and can be harmful, they love to create mayhem everywhere and launch all sort of operations. i.e. their involvement with the Reagan administration's SDI program or more recently the "Diana murder" conspiracy theory in Britain. to name just a few.






Fo-Jt rricmwiitJT TQ

Nazi anti-British propaganda

Jeremiah Duggan had been in family counselling, with his divorced parents, at the Tavistock Clinic in London, when he was 7. For the paranoid conspiracy-theorist Lyndon LaRouche this could simply mean a potential risk for LaRouche's own life.

Indeed the "Tavistock Institute" is a codeword within the LaRouche organisation that cannot be understood from the outside world.

For LaRouche and his followers it is associated with "brainwashing" against members, with "anti- cult kidnapping" and assassination attempt against LaRouche. (aka the threat of the so-called "Manchurian candidate" [22] )

It dates back from the 1973-74 period and much of the conspiracy theory about it was published in three consecutive issues of the LaRouche magazine, The Campaigner. In these days, the LaRouche organisation was a Trotskyite-leftist American organisation mainly opposed to alleged Rockefeller's fascist conspiracies and which has just started to expand its political operations in Europe. LaRouche's interest in "psychoanalysis" was marked by the publication of his "Beyond psychoanalysis" lengthy study published in September 1973 to present himself as an expert in this field to his associates.














Since the 1970s "Tavistock" analysis series published in his Campaigner, LaRouche started redirecting his political obsession away from the American "Rockefellers" and against Great-Britain and the "Jewish lobby".

By the end of 1978 he published the "Dope Inc aka Britain's Opium War against the U.S." book which attacks the Queen of England for pushing drugs along with her allies, the "Jewish lobby" in the United States. LaRouche wrote:

"It is no exaggeration to sum up the situation thus: the only proper comparison for today's British drug traffic into the USA is the British monarchy's 19th century Opium Wars against China. There is more than a parallel. The same HongShang and other banking interests that developed their wealth in the China opium trade are involved in the financial side of the traffic against the USA -- aided by those leading elements of the Zionist Lobby which have controlled organized crime in the USA and the Caribbean since the early 1920s.

This is a calculated form of political warfare against the USA by the British monarchy. [...] The fight against illegal drugs and against the evil forces of "decriminalization" is nothing less than a war against Britain, to the purpose of saving our youth and our nation from the destruction the British monarchy has projected for us." [23]



In 1980 he published "The New Dark Ages Conspiracy" book, aka Britain's plot to destroy civilization, written by LaRouche's ex-wife Carol White (and new wife of Chris, one of the "deprogrammed" members in the early 70s, see above)...


He started to present himself in the US as the heir of the American Revolution against the 18th Century British Empire and a champion of American nationalism, the Jewish lobby often considered as a "fifth column" aimed at destroying the American "republican" (aka "anti-imperialist") values. Typically, Kissinger will represent the archetype of the "treacherous Jew," the Jew as an alien (Kissinger is not American).image010.jpg






He wrote:


Nazi anti "judeo-british" conspiracy propaganda

"The impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the "holocaust" thesis: [...] in memory of the "six million. [...] This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for the employment of "inferior races," a small fraction of the tens of millions of others, especially Slavs, who were murdered in the same way that Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn and others of his ilk propose to revive today." [24] (see page 7 of this document)

As documented in this Campaigner, the whole conspiracy, according to LaRouche, is based on Britain being the creator, the mastermind of BOTH Zionism and Nazism - the ultimate goal being to destroy the "good patriotic Germany" of the. Wehrmacht! Therefore the "British" will be called "worse than Hitler", Jews could be called "Nazis" etc. like Felix Rohatyn.


LaRouche most recent campaign is against the evil "Synarchy"... whose center is (Jewish) banker Felix Rohatyn and whose aims are to destroy the US or German industries.

Larouche said: "... Felix Rohatyn is essentially a Nazi. That's no exaggeration, that's no mistake, no caricature. That's what he is. Felix Rohatyn is a protege of a fellow called Andre Meyer. Andre Meyer was a kingpin of an organization known as Lazard Freres, in Paris. Lazard Freres was an integral part of the Nazi takeover of Continental Europe! And Meyer personally trained Felix Rohatyn. Now Felix is not bright. As a matter of act, he's very uncouth, very stupid in many ways. He's not an intellectual, he's a thug! He's like a mafia hit-man who is not known for his intellectual characteristics. He's a thug, equivalent to a murderer. Now, what Meyer represented, and what Lazard Freres represented, then, and now: Lazard Freres was the key Continental center in banking which brought Adolf Hitler to power, and launched World War II, and the crimes that went with it." [25]

In bold are all names of Jewish bankers!!!


The reality is that Felix Rohatyn comes from an Austrian Jewish family which escaped the Nazis and fled to America.

recent campaign of the LaRouche Youth Movement. Source at files/2006/060720 webcast announce.htm

The "Synarchy" plot was a conspiracy theory under the pro-Nazi French Vichy regime. The center of this "conspiracy" was the Banque Worms- a Jewish bank. A French historian Olivier Dard wrote a relatively recent book "La Synarchie ou Le Mythe du complot permanent" ("The Synarchy or the Myth of the never-ending plot") where he studied thousands of pages of archives and has exposed quite conclusively that this was just another "conspiracy theory", a rumour which reached the Abwehr, the secret services of Vichy and even the US ambassador in Paris at the time. This rumour was that the Petain government of Vichy was under control of a mysterious group called the "Synarchy" and whose center was. the Jewish bank Worms! (different Vichy factions accusing each other of being "synarchist", ie under "Jewish" influence) Other rumours said that it infiltrated everything up to the French resistance... This rumour

didn't die out after the war and some people believe that it is reincarnated in the

"Trilateral Commission" or the "Bilderberg Group" etc.

This is exactly the "conspiracy theory" that LaRouche is spreading in his recent



This is the frontpage of a pamphlet for the BueSo (LaRouche's political party in Germany) in Berlin. At Berlin3.pdf

In this pamphlet for the BueSo recent campaign in Berlin, not only Jewish bankers are targeted and accused of trying to dismantle the German industry but in another pamphlet, they use "secret documents" from the OSS concerning the "Synatrchy" plot as a conclusive "proof"- these secret documents describe their source as close to the Vichy regime. ie pro- Nazi and anti-Semitic! [26]


This is the frontpage of a pamphlet for the BueSo in Leipzig. At Leipzig2.p df

Following pages are from "Zionism is not Judaism" LaRouche's Campaigner publication (December 1978):









The Pernicious Growth of a Hitler- like Youth Cadre in Europe today.

The Lyndon LaRouche network is spreading a message of hatred against Jews and Israel and is

sowing the seeds of this message of hate in Europe, Australia and Americas. Many thousands of young people in these countries are being indoctrinated against the Jews and against Israel. This is against a backdrop of already rising ant-Semitism, especially in Europe.

As it is, Israel has been increasingly demonized in the international community by the media and pro-Palestinian lobby groups and the work of the LaRouche network will make an already difficult situation for Jews in the West, especially Europe, much worse for many years to come. Disturbingly, the Lyndon LaRouche network and its anti-Israel and anti-Jewish messages receive wide publicity and support in the Arab media.

Lyndon LaRouche has wealth and is well connected and has even run for President of the United States! We find this is NOT a poorly funded fringe group, but a very well resourced, sophisticated and expanding network which continues to poison the minds of young people in the West against Israel and the Jews and is set on this path for many years to come Those who think that LaRouche and his followers are just an eccentric lunatic fringe group who need not be considered a serious threat, should learn the lessons of history - exactly the same could have been said of Adolf Hitler and his fellow Nazis in the 1920s and early 30s.

This process of subverting the political process in a coordinated and sometimes intimidating fashion has to be seen as a serious threat.

More Facts:

See : for a list of just some of the many countries in the world where LaRouche has membership:

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russian, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, India, Russia, USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Philippines, UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, India and Korea. Wiesbaden is the European headquarters.

See Political Research Associates for a collection of LaRouche's quotes and the evidence of anti-Semitic publications. The picture emerges as follows: British monarchy secretly runs the world. Even the Nazi Germany was designed and shaped from London. London not only runs drug cartels but through the Tavistock clinic and various other deceptive operations including such things as the Beatles and Jazz exercises mass manipulation and psychological control. It also successfully uses the Jews and the Episcopal Church to run its operations. Once in power LaRouche promises to eliminate the principal London's agency in the US: "the Nazi Jewish Lobby." Jews in general and Zionism in particular is a special target for their hate mongering. He refers to "Zionism" as "the state of collective psychosis."

For more than thirty years LaRouche has been dismissed as a crank and his organization branded a cult but is it enough to dismiss the LaRouche network as a small unimportant aberration?

Review the facts:

It is only in the last nine years that the LaRouche youth cadre has been established in Europe. In the USA it has been going for longer and spread through many States, frequently holding schools, conferences and a recent development even aiming its activities at children under 16 years. In Europe the youth cadre is relatively new with the numbers having grown steadily. The

LaRouche youth movement was started in 1999. These young people share rented houses and work long hours for the LaRouche network. They can be seen recruiting on the streets of Berlin and other German towns. There are many other LaRouche victims who are part-time members about to join up full time.

Special recruiters trained in methods of harassment and psychological pressure are flown from the States to help with local training and recruitment techniques. Jeremiah Duggan was recruited in Paris by a Canadian recruiter Benoit Chalifoux and a USA recruiter, Jason Ross, then taken to Germany where German and French recruiters tried to persuade him to join the Organization and where after five days he died in highly mysterious circumstances. "The LaRouche Intelligence comes with a history of Terror tactics, intimidation and violence" states the LaRouche expert Chip Berlet.

Media coverage throughout the world includes many articles supporting views by Lyndon LaRouche. The ideas of Lyndon LaRouche are most frequently mentioned in the London based version of the Arab papers ( see the LaRouche web site Here pamphlets such as "Children of Satan" are quoted.

In many of the Press in the Middle East LaRouche appeared to be their favorite candidate for the USA 2004 elections.

In the USA LaRouche's financial support is astounding and reflects a much more sinister message. According to the Center for Responsible Politics in his 2004 bid for the White House alone LaRouche raised over $5.5 million in small donations. According to the Federal Election Commission for April 2004 his fundraising figures surpassed those of Lieberman, Dean and Graham. LaRouche has for the first time in the 2008 USA election not stood for President. However his youth movement is spreading in the world and what makes it particularly dangerous is the way LaRouche is ignored by the media, locked out of debates, and has little hope of winning anything but yet he manages to expand his youth movement and continue to raise substantial amounts of cash. This is proved by how he is reported to have raised millions and stood in fourth place compared to the other "big pocket" supporters in the 2004 elections.

What is the explanation?

A powerful grassroots organization.

Here we have an ultra radical organization out there who knows how to use the electoral system to fund its activities and spread its message.

How does this work?

The Intelligence operation which is responsible for redefining news coverage is run via 5-6 full time operatives who work at the National Centre in the USA. They are supported by teams of LaRouche workers who are responsible in turn for making contacts with more than 1000 outlets throughout the world and relaying daily their stories to the many countries in the world where this information is then printed and disseminated. Each day contact is made with the European headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany. From here these news stories are disseminated to the rest of Europe. Many misleading articles are thus spread daily through the normal Press. Many of these articles express highly anti-Jewish and anti-Israel propaganda. These same publications, pamphlets and news papers find themselves being sold to the public in Europe via their youth cadre who set up tables on the streets of many bigger towns. Here it was outside the Paris Trade Centre that a copy of Satan 11 was being sold, stating that the death of Jeremiah Duggan was a hoax thought up by Bush, Blair and Cheney. This magazine is still being sold in many of the cities in the USA and Europe. Everyday these young people are out there on the streets, many of them unaware of the true nature of their anti-Semitic propaganda, unwittingly spreading ideas that are aimed to attack the very basis of the democratic process and include a pernicious doctrine aimed to incite hatred against the Jews.

A Doctrine of Hate and Scape-goating:

How is it done?

LaRouche seeks to exploit and exacerbate the anxieties and frustrations of people by offering an array of scapegoats and enemies - Jews, Zionists, international bankers, labour unions. Dennis King has written a book entitled: "Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism" detailing this accusation.

Dr Manning Marble, Professor of History and Research of the Columbia University, New York writes extensively about the way the LaRouche organization reaches out to the Nation of Islam. April Witts in the October 23, 2004 in the Washington Post writes that the effect on the Lyndon LaRouche young recruits is "No Joke - it is deadly serious."



Name-calling as Dehumanizing the Other

In THE EIGHT STAGES OF GENOCIDE, Dr. Gregory H. Stanton (President, Genocide Watch) noted that dehumanization of a people is a step toward genocide and other human rights abuses:

1.   CLASSIFICATION: All cultures have categories to distinguish people into "us and them" by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality: German and Jew, Hutu and Tutsi. Bipolar societies that lack mixed categories, such as Rwanda and Burundi, are the most likely to have genocide. [...]

2.   SYMBOLIZATION: We give names or other symbols to the classifications. We name people "Jews" or "Gypsies", or distinguish them by colors or dress; and apply them to members of groups. Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide unless they lead to the next stage, dehumanization. When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups: the yellow star for Jews under Nazi rule, the blue scarf for people from the Eastern Zone in Khmer Rouge Cambodia. [...] Though Hutu and Tutsi were forbidden words in Burundi until the 1980's, code-words replaced them.

[... ]

3.  DEHUMANIZATION: One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder. At this stage, hate propaganda in print and on hate radios is used to vilify the victim group.

Nazi ideology presented Jews as "poisonous parasites", as "vermin", "bacteria" and "bacilli". The film "The Eternal Jew" itself compared the Jews to "rats". The 1940 anti-Semitic propaganda movie "Jud Suess," called them "locusts". Hitler described Jews as a "disease", a force of disintegration, and as "parasite" within the body of the people: 6 millions were killed.

But this rhetoric does not target the Jews only.

Name-calling is a way to de-humanize people and prepare for the worse... In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouges used to call their victims "worms.": nearly 2 millions were killed.

In Rwanda, the Hutu militia called them "cockroaches": 1 million were killed. LaRouche's hateful propaganda:

LaRouche wrote in "Dealing with the Russians' decisive cultural inferiority":

"We also include as varieties of this general species-classification, the ancient Mesopotamian culture and the Siva current in India's culture, the Egypt-Hellenistic cults of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, and so forth and so on.

As a general classification, all such cultures are usefully viewed, for purposes of strategic policy-shaping, as degenerated, or barbaric cultural types: a locust- plague of enemy forces, differing among themselves, but commonly swarming in lust, dedicated to the destruction of our civilization. These are strategically analogous to pestilences and epidemics, which threaten to destroy any civilization which lowers its cultural resistance sufficiently. Like locust- swarms, the individual member of the species may rarely be conscious of his effective intent to destroy civilization; he may destroy an entire civilization, unwitting of the nature of wrong he has accomplished against humanity generally. Yet, consciously or not, he undertakes just that in effect, as a matter of cultural instinct." (emph. added, ed.)" (1)


"The law of the republic (i.e. LaRouche's political system, note) respecting the rights, privileges and fundamental self-interests of its citizens is hostile to those kinds of distinctions among human beings which would be proper to the classification of varieties of monkeys and baboons." (2)

Some examples: Al Gore as a BACTERIA



From: Le rechauffement global d' Al Gore fi'at Nazi propaganda                                            , LaRouche's operation in


Comparing Jews to pigs is not accidental and is part of a long history of antisemitism.

The imagery of Jews in contact with pigs or representing the devil was common in Germany and inspired the Nazi propaganda. Judensau is the German for "Jewish

Hitler recognized the potency of the language and imagery of disgust. He tapped into a rich vein of antisemitism running back throughout German history and folklore to the 14th century. German folk stories identified Jews with pigs. More specifically, Jewish people were depicted, in paintings, stories and carvings on churches, as suckling from pigs or eating pigs' faeces.

In King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella's Spain, the new Inquisition was to examine the genuineness of Jewish conversos (recent converts to Christianity) and marranos (meaning pig) who were suspect of practicing Judaism in secret.



Picture on the left: cover of Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi (Of the Unknowable Name and the Generations of Christ)' written by Martin Luther in 1543, several months after publishing his infamous antisemitic book On the Jews and Their Lies.

Papa Doc Baraka Fascism in Newark



Obama's ancestors as MONKEYS:

LaRouche wrote:

"If you chase his [Obama's] family tree, everybody's climbing and swinging from the branches....Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him." From LYNDON LAROUCHE: NO FRIEND OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY at

and on the "monkey theme", LaRouche compares "Jazz musicians" to

monkeys... c?(from




Picture on the left: A "locust"... with the face of Chancellor candidate Angela Merkel... from the 2005 Bueso (LaRouche) elections campaign in Dresden, Germany. (Source: Geometry of World Politics Can Be Changed in Dresden (PDF) at and in NEW SOLIDARITY January 2, 2006)


The German for "Locust" is "Heuschrecke". The "Heuschrecke" was a Nazi prototype self- propelled gun and "Weapon carrier" developed by Krupp-Gruson between 1943 and 1944.



Calling "capitalist predators" as "locusts" started in Germany in 2005 and because of its use by the Nazis it created an outrage.

Indeed, Franz Muentefering, then chairman of the German Socialist party, compared certain foreign investors to these damaging insects and the weekly Stern listed seven "locust firms"; some were recognizably Jewish by their names. When historian Michael Wolffsohn pointed out the similarity to Nazi language, he was severely attacked by several prominent Socialists (7). In the Nazi propaganda movie JUD SUSS, Jews were depicted as "locusts" (6). Helga and Lyndon LaRouche were more specific than Muentefering: "locusts" means "synarchists" ("Jewish bankers") or under their influence. (8) Any German media critical of LaRouche is labeled as "Media Locusts"... (3)


at the same time

H (5)

In 1996, racist leader Farrakhan called Jews as "locusts



LaRouche (via Reverend Bevel) was in contact with Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.


A 2006 Tehran exhibition of more than 200 satirical cartoons about the Holocaust ("Ho Locust").


(Jewish banker) Soros as a LICE




LaRouche called him "a pestilence":

From LPACTV: Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer



"Well, this Soros, of course, is a pestilence, is very dangerous. He's a British- controlled entity, who is used by them, largely against the United States. He's on the non-wanted list, because of his association with promoting drug trafficking, by our drug czar's office, among others. He's closely tied to all kinds of filthy things around the world, and he is a marker of the kind of hedge fund insanity, which has triggered the Asia crisis. (10)

(Jewish) Senator Javits as a SNAKE and (Jewish) Lazard Bank as a LIZARD



Jake the Snake and Lazard the Lizard — Partners in Crime —



From "1932, A True History of the United States" (LPAC), Phil Rubinstein.




World Wildlife

From NEW SOLIDARITY November 8, 1982 See also That Zoo Called The House Of Lords


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How The Venetian Virus Infected and Took Over England by H. Graham Lowry Hitler's Animal Attributions

The Language of Hate: 1. Animal Attribution


Iranians Depicted as Cockroaches by US Newspaper

I will take away from you all hope that you can flee the terrors of politics to the safety of personal life. I shall do this by showing to you that your frightened personal sexual life

I feel sick. Mass murder is being committed and the whole world is watching. What would Schiller say? Don't you see that Nemesis is about to strike? The crime will come back to haunt you. There is a higher lawfulness in the universe which will assert itself. This is a war of aggression which may trigger a global war. The implementation of the doctrine of preventive war means the end of international law. It could plunge the world into a dark













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