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Justice for Jeremiah?” Press conference in Berlin 28 March 2018


 Wiesbaden Authorities  plan to close the case. 
Family contest this decision. They ask that the verdict of the OLG be upheld. 




Justice for Jeremiah?” Press conference in Berlin 30 June 2015
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5 Nov 2015   "Die Zeit": RECHT & UNRECCHT: Warum starb Jeremiah

5 Nov 2015  "Die Zeit" major article: Why did Jeremiah die?

Volker BECK - Green Party Member of the German Bundestag letter 
to Eva Kuehne-Hoermann, Hessen Minister of Justice
( in German) demanding explanations and pointing out that the case evokes associations to other Hessen State failures currently being investigated by the federal Parliament 

Volker BECK Der Bundestagsabgeordnete von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
Brief an Eva Kuhne-Hoermann hessische Ministerin der Justiz -

" ...... wende ich mich nach dem geschilderten Sachverhalt mit vielen Fragezeichen an Sie, da es unweigerlich Assoziationen zu anderem staatlichen Versagen weckt, was aktuell ein Parlamentarischer Untersuchungsausschuss in Hessen untersucht. " 


   Read the article by the Institute of Race Relations. Jeremiah and German Justice. [click here]
        Is there like in the NSU murder cases a link with the Security and Intelligence services
        that explains the institutional failure to investigate the death of Jeremiah Duggan properly?

        Also article on Hessen and the NSU cases with the Institutional Racism that could throw
        light on why the  the death of Jeremiah Duggan is not investigated
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        LaRouche has been spreading sophisticated conspiracy theories which blame the Jews and
        the British for all the evils in this world, for the last 30 years. This fact seems to appear unnoticed…
        until the death of Jeremiah Duggan. We bring an extract from LaRouche-planet. ( click here)