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2nd inquest into death of Jeremiah Duggan
postponed until May

The new dates will be the
19, 20 and 21st May 2015


The Inquest due to be held in March has been postponed. This is because the German authorities have delayed over many years carrying out a proper investigation.

The new dates will be the 19, 20 and 21st May 2015.

The Inquest aims to be fully public, full, fearless and fair. Helga Zepp LaRouche as head of the LaRouche Schiller Institute and other LaRouche front groups in Germany plus anyone including any possible agents working with the LaRouche network will be invited to appear and defend any criticisms made against them.  

If those people who were last with Jeremiah before his death refuse to speak or to give evidence it is for others to draw their own conclusions into what unanswered questions remain and why people should withhold the truth.

If the LaRouche network has nothing to hide then they will stand up and be counted. Another purpose of the Inquest is to allay false rumours and suspicions.

Erica Duggan wants to know as a mother how her normal healthy son died. She also wants to know why for 12 years the authorities and the LaRouche  network refuse to look into this highly suspicious death. Her son rang her shortly before he died and named the French branch of the LaRouche organization as putting her son in danger. Shortly after his death the LaRouche leader Helga Zepp LaRouche accuses her son of being a spy and coming over to harm their Organization

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

            In December 2012 the Higher German Court ruled that the German authorities should investigate the allegations of an attack on Jeremiah prior to his death. The Court stated there could be collective harming by the LaRouche cult, known to use psychological methods. Also it was stipulated by the German Court that mutual assistance should be set up to get suspects in France investigated.

After many years with the German authorities refusing to take her statement or to see her Erica Duggan states; “ I am pleased that the Coroner will hold an inquest as there is a danger in Germany and France that cost my son his life and this danger needs to be publicly investigated. People are afraid to speak out and so the threat to the safety of others continues. The Wiesbaden authorities know all about the dangers of destructive political cults and yet they deliberately use the same policeman who destroyed vital evidence twelve years ago to continue to cover up the facts. Also they have misled us and refused to trace the last phone call I received from my son. In that phone call he begged me to rescue him from danger and all that I do to campaign for Justice is because I do not want others to be harmed in the same way.


I have written a letter to the Prime Minister Angela Merkel outlining the institutional failure of the Wiesbaden authorities but she has never even answered me. There appears to be no mechanism in German law to compel the Solicitor General and the police to obey the clear instructions of their own German High Court. Germany cannot with this system be considered a proper democratic state as it means authorities can waste time, destroy evidence and turn a blind eye to hate mongering, intimidation and mental or physical abuse and whether the case is open or closed in Germany the cover up continues. The Wiesbaden Prosecution  office have turned down our legal complaint filed against them.
            The questions remain: How did Jeremiah die?   Why was he in a state of terror before his death and why has it taken more than 12 years for us to be still asking the same questions?


   I accuse ! - Ich klage an!




                 This letter was read out in public outside the Barnet Coroner's Court on 29 May 2014

                   later handed to the German Ambassador in London addressed to
                                   Chancelloe Angela Merkel - [ click here ] [ and click here ]

            Diesen Brief, adressiert an Kanzlerin der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Frau Angela Merkel
            wurde am 29 Maiy 2014 publik auserhalb dem Londoner Barnet Untersuchungsgericht vorgelesen und spaeter dem Deutschen Botschafter in London zur Uebergabe gegeben [ klicken Sie bitte hier ] [ klicken Sie bitte auch hier ]