Chapter Twenty-nine



Queen of the Jews


When LaRouche says the Queen of England pushes drugs or that Britain is the chief enemy of the United States, he is not merely indulg­ing in eccentricity or a Freudian dislike of female authority figures. These statements have a serious meaning to anti-Semites and neo-Nazis in West Germany and the United States. They are eccentric only to those who have not studied the history of modern anti-Semitism, in which the theme of Jewish-British race mixing and Jewish domination of the British Empire looms large.


The original Nazis popularized this theory. In Mein Kampf, Hitler complained that the Jews in England exert an "almost unlimited dicta­torship" through their manipulation of public opinion. Heinrich Himmler speculated in his unpublished notebooks on the "Jewish blood" of the English and Scots. Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twenti­eth Century discussed the alleged identity of the policies of "Jewish high finance" with those of Great Britain and claimed that the British gov­ernment had "handed over control of all financial transactions to Jew­ish bankers such as Rothschild, Montague, Cassell, Lazard, etc." Ex­pressing a theory that the LaRouchians later would repeat in Dope, Inc., Rosenberg said that England had "allowed the opium trade to fall increasingly into Jewish hands."


Once Nazi Germany and Britain were at war, the Nazis developed a more exaggerated version. World-Battle, an official propaganda organ, depicted "English high finance" as Judaism incarnate. England's ag­gression against innocent Germany, it said, was the result of the Jews buying Churchill with piles of gold. Meanwhile Hitler's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, came to regard the Jews and the British upper classes as virtually one racial entity. He wrote in his diary in 1942: "Rothschild . . . took the floor [of the British House of Commons] and delivered a tearjerker bemoaning the fate of the Polish Jews . . . All members of Parliament rose from their seats as a silent tribute to Jewry. That was quite appropriate for the. British House of Commons, which is really a sort of Jewish exchange. The English, anyway, are the Jews among the Aryans. The perfumed British Foreign Minister, Eden, cuts a good figure among these characters from the synagogue. His whole education and his entire bearing can be characterized as thor­oughly Jewish."


The Jewish-British theme was popular among American anti-Semites as early as the 18905. According to historian Richard Hofstadter, "anti-Semitism and Anglophobia went hand in hand" in populist writings of that decade. One tract included a map of the world with an octopus squatting on the British Isles, its tentacles stretching across the seas. The octopus was labeled "Rothschilds." Another tract denounced President Grover Cleveland as a tool of "Jewish bankers and British gold." Gordon Clark's Shylock: As Banker, Bondholder, Corruptionist, Con­spirator (1894) accused the Rothschilds of bribing the U.S. government to deliver the American people "into the hands of England, as England had long been resigned into the hands of her Jews." The leading anti-Semite of the period, William Hope ("Coin") Harvey, called for war with Jewish-dominated England to "blot her name out from among the nations of the earth."


LaRouche's version most closely resembles "War! War! War.', "a Nazi tract published in 1940 under the pseudonym Cincinnatus to convince Americans that Hitler was right and that the United States should stay out of the war. (The pseudonym was apparently borrowed from the Society of the Cincinnati, an early American patriotic league named after Cincinnatus, hero of the ancient Roman republic.) Cincinnatus called the British Empire the "British-Jewish Empire." The United States, he argued, should not come to the aid of "a mongrel England, ruled not by Britons of the blood, but, largely, by a galaxy ofjews, half-Jews, and quarter-Jews." He added: "The England which . . . be­seeches us to come to her rescue is little more than another segment of the Jewish 'nation.' "Just like LaRouche, Cincinnatus said that the real enemy of the United States is a "New York City, New England, Anglo­phile, Jewish plot."


There are many other parallels: LaRouche says the British are plot­ting to starve "billions" of people to death in the Third World. Cincin­natus said, "The starvation of men, women and children has been the most approved English method of warfare since the Jews became domi­nant there . . ." LaRouche says Henry Kissinger and Ariel Sharon are "British agents." Cincinnatus quoted the British anti-Semitic author Hilaire Belloc as saying "the Jew might almost be called a British agent upon the Continent of Europe and still more in the Near and Far East." LaRouche calls the British philosopher Bertrand Russell the most evil man of the twentieth century. Cincinnatus devoted several pages to Russell as the alleged purveyor of "Jewish" immorality. LaRouche claims that the British-Rothschild establishment (and the Queen) con­trol the international drug traffic. Cincinnatus devoted a chapter to "The Chinese Opium Wars and British-Jews." LaRouche and his fol­lowers write about the alleged hereditary taint of the British aristoc­racy, its congenital brain damage, etc. Cincinnatus quoted Belloc: "[W]ith the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territo­rial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked; in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name . . . the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they trav­elled . . ." With all of these similarities, it is not surprising that La­Rouche's New Solidarity includes a column by one "Cincinnatus" (al­though the author of the 1940 tract is long dead) and that LaRouche's Security staff once applied for concealed weapons permits under the name of Cincinnatus Associates. (Of course the LaRouchians would claim they merely are identifying with the patriotic society of George Washington's day.)


The Jewish-British conspiracy theory is popular today with hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan. You can purchase dozens of pamphlets on this theme from the Sons of Liberty in Louisiana. Mostly written by British fascists in the 19305, the titles include The Jews and the British Empire, Our Jewish Aristocracy, and How Jewry Turned England into a Pluto­cratic State. The latter says that the Jews regard "the British Empire only as a stepping stone towards a coming Jewish World-Empire" and that "the English government is only the British facade for the Jew . . . The English statesmen are the well-paid dummies of Jewish-English finance-capitalism." The pamphlet also describes the alleged "judais-ing" of the English aristocracy through intermarriage. Because of these 'blood-ties," it concludes, "Jewish finance-capital is identical with Brit­ish finance-capital."


In 1984 the Sons of Liberty republished War! War! War! with an introduction by Eustace Mullins, a scholarly anti-Semite who is friendly with the LaRouchians and attended their 1984 annual convention. The Sons of Liberty also launders LaRouche's neo-Cincinnatus doctrines into white supremacist circles via the pamphlets of the Christian De­fense League's Dr. John Coleman. Scores of Coleman's pamphlets have titles similar to those of LaRouchian articles or books and contain identical analyses. They never mention LaRouche's name, yet the ideas are his. Mullins, who is a contributing editor of Coleman's World Eco­nomic Review, says that Colernan "claims to have mysterious connec­tions in British intelligence, but for the last ten years all he's done is copy LaRouche's stuff." Thus does the LaRouchian message circulate in the swastika-and-bedsheet crowd, while LaRouche, the self-styled friend of the White House, is spared embarrassment.


LaRouche himself has admitted the true meaning of "British" on at least two occasions. In The Case of Walter Lippmann, in his discussion of the slave trade in early-nineteenth-century America, the word "British" is immediately followed by "Rothschild" in parentheses. In "Anti-Dirigism Is British Tory Propaganda" (1978) he expanded the "Brit­ish" to embrace a network of wealthy Jewish families. "The policy-shaping kernel of the enemy forces centered in the British monarchy is a group of private banking families," he said. "These are notably the family interests of the Lazard Brothers, Barings, N. M. Rothschild, Hill Samuel, and other small private banking houses." He then added: "Britain—these same families' interests—has controlled the interna­tional opium traffic since early during the 19th  century." Although LaRouche threw in a single non-Jewish family, the definition was essen­tially the same as Alfred Rosenberg's.


The British-Jewish theory was given symbolic expression in New Solidarity in 1978 by a Star of David with Queen Elizabeth at the top flanked by Henry Kissinger and economist Milton Friedman. The cap­tion alluded to "satanic connections." Thus was made clear the real meaning of LaRouche's accusation that the Queen pushes drugs.


In "How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism," a 1978 tirade against the alleged British controllers of European terrorist cells, LaRouche discussed how the British oligarchy reflects the "national interest" and national "state of mind" of a network of wealthy families "embedded in various institutions of each nation." Traditional anti-Semitism regards the Jews in precisely this way: the cosmopolitan na­tion living parasitically off other nations. LaRouche implicated wide strata of Jews in the conspiracy. Around the Rothschilds and other leading families, he wrote, there is gathered a "secondary layer of plebeians. These . . . include leading intelligence and political fami­lies going back a generation or two, certain families with a legal profes­sional tradition, and so forth . . . Around these there is an outer layer of agents, trusted, deemed useful . . . Around these strata, another layer of agents, and so down to the pathetically demented individual environmentalist and terrorist."


LaRouche was not only speaking of Jews; the secondary agent layers included non-Jews such as the Churchill family. But in LaRouchian propaganda Zionism is the chief international tool of the British, and Zionists are usually British agents. Since most Jews are Zionists, the implication is that most Jews must be British agents. In attempting to make this connection, the LaRouchians seized on General George Brown's infamous 1974 statement about the alleged excessive influ­ence of Jews in Washington. In 1977 LaRouche wrote that it was time to "kick every British-loving son-of-a-bitch out of Washington." With a deft touch, the article took the form of an open letter to Defense Secretary Harold Brown but the picture was of George Brown. A New Solidarity editorial then accused the entire leadership and most of the membership of American Jewish organizations of being part of the treasonous British conspiracy: "Their loyalties lie not with the United States but with the Zionist-British organism."


Through the years, New Solidarity has fleshed out this theory in hun­dreds of articles. The first wave in 1978 included headlines like "British to Sell World Short," "Brits Run Spy Hoax to Push Cold War Clime," "British Launch Drive to Break Up the EEC," and "Expel Britain's Kissinger for Treason." When describing British machinations, New Solidarity referred to mostly Jewish names (Oppenheimer, Montefiore, Meyer, Weill, Warburg, as well as Rothschild). If the name wasn't obvi­ous, they'd add a tag—e.g., "Lord Crewe, a Rothschild family cousin." When non-Jews in the British Establishment were mentioned, there was often a different kind of tag. Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson was referred to as a "Rothschild agent," while Conservative MP Winston Churchill III was said to live up to his grandfather's "reputation for sycophantic . . . braggadocio in the service of the Rothschilds."


The LaRouchians listed what they believed to be the key institutions of British power in the twentieth century—the Fabian Society, the Round Table group, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the British Secret Service, etc. Each was said to be under "Rothschild" control. In a pamphlet on the British aristocracy, LaRouche aide Chris White wrote that the scions of the Rothschild family "preside over" the British organs of power: The "evolution of the Rothschild family and its outlook" has determined the "evolution and outlook of the British political system."


The LaRouchians concocted a pseudo-history of England to bolster this. The Norman conquest in 1066, they said, was instigated by con­verted Jews around the papacy as a flanking maneuver against the Teutonic peoples. (That the Jews were later driven out of England by the Norman kings was irrelevant to this theory. The oligarchy doesn't always need to rule directly on the spot. Indeed, it may sometimes prefer to rule from afar, using ideology as its control mechanism. Was not Oxford University in the Middle Ages a nest of bestial nominalists?)


The reestablishment of direct Jewish control of England began in the late seventeenth century when William and Mary allowed a few to settle in London. A Dutch Jewish banker, Solomon Mendoza, fastened on the Churchill family as the chief oligarchical agents for the centuries ahead. Ideological brainwashing of the English upper classes was accelerated through such mechanisms as the Anglican Church, the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, Humean empiricism, utilitarianism, Fabian socialism, and most recently the Tavistock Institute. The vigorous English aristo­crats of the Neoplatonic Tudor era were transformed step by step into effete puppets. Hence the frequent LaRouchian quips about homosex­uality and genetic deficiency in the British royal family and top aristoc­racy: How can the British be real men if they've never stood up to the Jews?


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