LaRouche expert presents media guide for investigating the Jeremiah Duggan case


June 30, 2015



Dennis King, author of the highly regarded book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism and the first journalist to uncover the LaRouche cult’s relationship to the CIA and other spy agencies, has released a draft of a guide he’s preparing for the media on how to investigate the German authorities’ obdurate blocking since 2003 of any serious investigation of the death of 22-year-old Jeremiah Duggan—a British Jew—while attending a youth indoctrination program of the far right anti-Semitic cult in Wiesbaden.


The guide is entitled “Anatomy of a Coverup.” King is releasing the draft to participants in a press conference in Berlin today held by the Duggan family and will post a completed version soon. “There’s a surge of interest since a London coroner reported that Jeremiah did not commit suicide and may have been beaten before his death,” King said. “I want to encourage in-depth reporting on this.”


King argues in Section 2 of his document that former leaders of the Wiesbaden branch of the LaRouche group may be the key to getting at the truth. “We know the names of these people. They were expelled from LaRouche’s movement three years after Jeremiah’s death but refuse to tell Jeremiah’s family what happened.”


King thinks the media should investigate whether the security services have advised these individuals not to talk. “LaRouche and these people were in the spy business in a serious way,” he said. Noting that the Office of Constitutional Protection had kept LaRouche off its watch list for decades, King opined: “It’s not something the BfV would want to come out—that LaRouche makes all these accusations against the Jews, calls them a separate species, and then one of them ends up dead near his German office.”


King criticized the media for not making a systematic effort to find one or more former LaRouche associates in Germany who will finally disclose what happened. He also urged an attempt to find the scores of LaRouche Youth Movement members who were in and around Wiesbaden during the week of Jeremiah’s death, some of whom have left the LYM since then.


“My report includes dozens of names of former LaRouche intelligence operatives, including the ones who ran the whole show,” King said. “I also provide the names of office staff, youth activists, spouses of LaRouche’s spooks. These people gossip. The media—German, British, French—should do their job.”


King also argued that information from former members might not be enough. “The authorities are incredibly resistant on this. They are frightened that someone will notice that the agency which botched the NSU investigation is the same agency that protected LaRouche for decades, no matter what he did or said.”


The report sets out a number of areas for possible investigation—to ferret out the truth about “what LaRouche has done for the security services, or on his own when they failed to keep a close eye on him.”


“You hire a loose cannon, you’re responsible,” King said.


In suggesting the best areas for investigation, King sets forth a mixture of facts and hypotheses. “I don’t have all the answers and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time,” he explains. “These are my best estimates only.” Among the things he urges journalists to look at are:


*Evidence that the Federal Office of Constitutional Protection began protecting LaRouche’s EAP as a potential asset around 1977 by removing it from the watch list of extremist organizations. “They lied to Der Spiegel in 1984 about why this was done, sanitized the anti-Semitic and fascist nature of the group and stonewalled inquiries from members of the Bundestag.  All while the EAP was running around calling Petra Kelly a whore, stalking her, making death threats,” said King.


*Evidence that the LaRouche organization’s harassment campaign against the Green Party and Kelly in the 1980s was carried out while the org was in contact with the CIA, and at a time when both the German government and the U.S. government were concerned that the Greens might turn into dangerous subversives. King cites strong but not conclusive evidence that one of LaRouche’s aides was sent to Germany in the early 1980s by Norman A. Bailey, a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, to spy on politicians critical of Cold War policies (almost certainly the Greens). “He appears to have operated as a contract agent posing as a journalist,” King said.


*Evidence that the LaRouche org conducted a complicated spy operation out of Wiesbaden in 1982-83 aimed at persuading the Spanish government to set up death squads to operate in both France and Spain against the Basque insurgents of ETA. “They sent LaRouche’s security chief to Wiesbaden and then a security staffer who shuttled back and forth to Madrid,” said King. “They got a French police official involved. The LaRouche guy offered to turn over names and help find professional killers. This was being done from Wiesbaden under the nose of the BfV—and then the younger brother of the head of the BfV, who was a LaRouchian, goes to Madrid to interview the Minister of the Interior who would later go to jail for all this.”


King continued: “LaRouche had his people running around Spain beforehand, making useful contacts. According to El Mundo, he went to Madrid himself with bodyguards to meet a police official. He went to CIA headquarters in January ’83 and laid out a vague plan to the Director of European Analysis. According to the memo of this meeting, which you can read on the web, the CIA guy seemed annoyed by LaRouche’s rambling style. But if you read carefully, LaRouche was actually telling him what he was doing. He just didn’t use the word ‘death squad.’”


*Evidence that the LaRouche org played a key role in whipping up the “Palme hate” in Sweden in the early 1980s that may have helped to trigger Palme’s assassination. “They were doing this stuff for years,” King said. “The Swedish EAP was under a European Executive Committee in Germany. The BfV looked the other way. They should have told LaRouche to cut it out or they’d ban him from the country. Democracies shouldn’t do stalking and hate campaigns against the prime minister of a peaceful neighbor.”


*Evidence that although LaRouche had a history of Holocaust denial and connections to the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis in the United States, he was allowed for four decades to travel around Germany with impunity (except while he was in federal prison or on parole), recruiting young people. “LaRouche was at the conference Jeremiah attended in Bad Schwalbach a few days before his death,” King noted. “LaRouche was whipping them up.  Jeremiah traveled from Paris because he thought it would be a big deal against the Iraq war, for peace.”


“If the BfV had done its job properly,” King said, “Jeremiah might still be alive.”