LaRouche -

Inquest opened

9am on Tuesday 22nd June 2010 ( one hour duration)

North London Coroner's Court 29 Wood Street High Barnet EN5 4BE
Tel: 020 8447 7680. Nearest tube Northern Line High Barnet.

For seven years the family and friends of Jeremiah Duggan have campaigned for one thing:
a full and fearless investigation into his sudden and violent death on the 27th March 2003 in Germany.
The official opening of the Inquest will be presided over by the North London Coroner Mr Andrew Walker.
The opening will be followed by a preliminary meeting which will discuss relevant matters in preparation
for the initiation of a full fact finding enquiry into the cause and in what circumstances Jeremiah met his death.
It is not a criminal trial nor will any guilty party be blamed.

In April 2010 Judge Elias and Mr Justice Aikenhead were presented with legal witness documents which provided
new information about how Jeremiah was in the offices of the LaRouche Executive Intelligence Review prior to his
dead body being found on the road and that Jeremiah was seen as the enemy and a spy and hunted down .
This information together with other reports raises serious unanswered questions and led the two Judges in the
Royal Court of Justice to state that “in the interest of Justice” a fresh Inquest should be held.

The Duggan family and supporters for Justice for Jeremiah welcome the start of a process of Justice that will it is hoped
set a precedent of how human life is to be valued whether at home or abroad but also show how we are with
Germany and France members of one European Community and committed therefore to assist one another in
examining fully and fearlessly how Jeremiah met his death. The importance of uncovering what may be factors
that could be highly prejudicial for the health and safety of the public will be best served if the Inquest is thorough
and broadly based. Jeremiah was a student and visitor to Germany and a phone call made by him in the early hours
of the morning alerted his mother to the threats to his life.
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The International LaRouche Network is headed by a convicted Fraudster and poses a threat to the individual and a danger to Society.

After the death of Jeremiah Duggan in 2003 and the failure to fully investigate we decided to set up this website to encourage others to break the silence.  WE BELIEVE THAT FAMILIES HAVE FOR TOO LONG COLLUDED WITH THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO HIDE THE TRUTH FROM THEMSELVES AND THE WORLD. It is not easy to understand why your beloved son or daughter should be so changed. We believe it is because they are victims of a crime. If an individual is so subjugated that they become so weakened in thought that they move on to harm themselves or others then we view that as a crime. If individual dignity is violated we believe that is a crime. We believe if a person is a victim of fraud either in being exposed to deception, misinformation, scare mongering or exploitation we view that as a crime. We believe that because of ignorance for too long we have turned a blind eye to how the danger of criminal networks work.  At the Berlin International Forum on 17th October, 2008 Politicians, researchers, lawyers, State officials, ex members and families of those who were recruited to the LaRouche network heard the evidence. We found 30 years of evidence to show family dislocation, suffering and crime. At the Berlin Forum we decided that we must speak out and encourage others to be more open.