LaRouche in Dominica

... a plot to overthrow the government of the island of Dominica and establish ... Farrakhan's
Nation of Islam, as did the network of maverick fascist Lyndon LaRouche. ... p/prutschi-manuel/zundel-affair/za-04.html
Zundel had maintained his association with the various
Toronto neo Nazi groups, as well as with John Ross Taylor, the
neo-Nazi elder statesman in Canada. He was also present at a public
meeting of Ron Gostick's Canadian League of Rights in the Royal York
Hotel in Toronto in December 1977. During this time, Zundel began to
acquire a personal following, with meetings in his home attended by
guests in the dozens. Known neo-Nazis who gravitated to him included
Walter (or Wolfgang) Droege, an associate of Andrews, as well as
David Astle and Jack Prins, former associates of John Beattie. In
late 1977, Zundel organized his own group, "Omega," in association
with the Hungarian Geza Matrai, the man who had "jumped" Premier

Kosygin of the Soviet Union in 1971.

The nominal leader of the Heritage Front, Wolfgang Droege,
immigrated to Canada as a teenager from Germany in 1963. Droege
went to jail for his part in a 1981 secret-services-backed scheme
of Canadian and U.S. racist mercenaries to overthrow the
government of the Caribbean island of Dominica. After another
U.S. term for cocaine trafficking, Droege returned to Canada and
was asked by CSIS agent Bristow to create Heritage Front using
Droege's name.



Strung together by such as

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