Does the LaRouche Group Pose a Threat to Individuals and a Danger to Society?

Berlin, 17th October 2008 -- There has not in either Germany or Britain been a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding my son Jeremiah Duggan’s death in 2003 near Erbenheim Hessen. For this reason I am not in a position to make any accusations against any person for being involved in his death. I can only consider the following suspicions and ask that in order to protect the safety of others a full enquiry is made into what caused my son’s death.
1. My son was a life loving young man, in love with Maya, with plans for his future. He came as a visitor to Germany to attend a LaRouche event and within five days he was dead. His death was sudden and violent.
2. I received a phone call from my son shortly before his death in which he told me he was frightened, that he wanted to escape from the LaRouche group Nouvelle Solidarite and that I should come immediately to rescue him. His girlfriend received a phone call an hour earlier telling her he was under too much pressure and that he feared they had done something harmful to him.
3. The LaRouche management lied to the police on the morning of my son’s death saying he was a mental patient of the Tavistock clinic, had made previous suicide attempts and was mentally unstable. They also told the police they had rung me when it was I that phoned them. The first thing that Ortrum Kramer said to me before she supposedly knew Jeremiah was dead was “we take no responsibility for the action of our members.”
4. The Manageress of the LaRouche Schiller Institute handed in Jeremiah’s passport and this was not found with the body. Subsequent forensic tests show it had his blood on it.
5. The British Inquest finding discounted suicide and stated that Jeremiah died in a state of terror.
6. Conversations with Jeremiah , the briefings found in Jeremiah’s bags and the lectures at the time of the LaRouche 2003 conference and cadre school shows anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and how a dangerous level of anxiety is stirred up by fraudulent statements :e.g. Sept 11th was due to inside division of the USA warfare division and that LaRouche was not guilty of crimes for which a Court found him guilty.
7. The LaRouche people acted very suspiciously after Jeremiah’s death. They held a conference around 10 o clock in the offices of the Executive Intelligence Review in which Helga Zepp La Rouche and other leaders stated that Jeremiah was a spy, brainwashed by the Tavistock clinic and sent over to harm the organization. They forbade anyone to talk about Jeremiah’s death and even to talk to each other.
8. The LaRouche management forbid the people last with Jeremiah to speak to the family. Erica Duggan was never allowed to speak to those persons and when she contacted them they refused her.
9. The LaRouche organization from 2003 put out publications in which Erica Duggan was accused of being part of a conspiracy to attack the LaRouche organization. I was blamed for bringing about the death of my own son by his last phone call. My son was described as a drug addict and his name was defamed all over the world in LaRouche publications.
10. The Wiesbaden investigating officer when asked by us to carry out full investigations stated that he did not wish to investigate the LaRouche organization.
11. After Jeremiah died I received many letters from families describing the dangers of this organisations and showing that they were in a sense blackmailed by the organization because if they spoke out their sons or daughters cut off all contact. This means that families are intimidated.
12. Much later when we obtained 79 negatives of the photographs of the alleged crash expert pathologists stated that his body was not run over by a car.
13. The evidence of anti-Semitism I discovered is contained in a separate document on researches into the incitement to hatred.
14. I met the British pathologist who carried out the post mortem and he stated that Jeremiah could not have been run over by a car but that he was severely beaten to death.
15. As the LaRouche group set up recruiters outside the Colleges and as their aim is to re-educate the young they should if they have the well being of their members in mind welcome transparency and be most eager to thoroughly examine any practises that may be harmful to the lives of their members. Instead of which they threaten legal action, conduct smear campaigns and attempt to intimidate the Press in an attempt to shut down open debate which is part of our democratic process.

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